ZeeMap Flux 3D Owners

Locate Kickstarter Flux 3D backers and owners in the whole world.
Please add at least a location or town and a name


Go to ‘Additions’ then ‘Add Marker’ (Simple or Detailed).

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This is really cool :grin:

I have discovered that my name and printer are already on the map. I don’t recall doing it. Is there an automated system that takes care of this?

Nope, you did it yourself 7 months ago, i guess.
This was one of the first topics.


I’m lucky I can remember parts of yesterday. Based on your description, it must have been prior to receiving the printer (obviously) and as you suggested, from having seen an earlier topic. The map makes for a more easily accessed reference. I’d be quite surprised to find another Flux Delta in my area, but one never knows what could happen.

nice. first guy in denmark to add a marker :smiley: