Yet another spool holder for the Flux Delta

Yeah. Combining any of them into another file would be helpful, just because Flux Studio doesn’t have a good way of doing this. Much easier to do 2 prints rather than 10.

I look forward to playing with this! I looks like something useful that can be tweaked and improved even further.

I’ve imported (Ctrl-I) more than one model onto the build plate in Flux Studio. The software (0.3.0) also spaces the incoming part to one side and will move additional imports to the front to better distribute them on the plate.

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I tried it before to import more than one file into flux, normally its not a big deal. But the new file should be online right now anyway :slight_smile:

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Didn’t realize it was possible to import more than one file into Flux Studio. This is useful knowledge!

Might sound like a dumb question, but what holds the wheels in place?

From what I can see is the same filament, he just cut some pieces of filament and inserted on the wheels

You may just stick some 1.75 filament into the holes in the spool spindle trough the wheels, its already designed for this by creative tools which designed the original universal stand-alone filament spool holder

THIS IS EXACTLY what I was looking for. The angle and position is perfect.

Quick question, is this for a 500g or 1kg spool size?

The black one is a 1 kg spool

This is my set up and thanks you all.


is that on Thingverse?

Yes, all of them from Thing verse. The base design by @drmaettu

I made some detail changes recently, i highly recommend to download the file again if you like to print it. This is for the Spool holder file

Im actually printing it (for the second time). My only recommendation (so far) is for people to flip the holder 180 degree. When printing, I need to create supports and the supports was exactly under the wheel holder. Trying to remove all that support, left the print useless. I flipped it and well, i’ll tell you in about in 1 1/2 hours later…

Thanks I was going to print but I saw your comment before start to print, just a question what was the build time on just the holder? I got 3 hours and 47 minutes I don’t know if this long is normal?

i had it at .3 resolution with support, roughly 2 hrs 20 minutes…but I am using the G-Code From Simplify 3D…more control and a bit faster (i even have it set at a slow speed due to the number of supports required).

You might have it set at around 2.5 in your FLUX settings…set it to 3 and see how long it takes…also I have the support set at 8% infill (not the infill of the Print which i have at 10%).

S3D has those options and helps with the build time.

Thanks, like you said I have 2.5 in layer and the infill in support was much higher. I also have simplify3d and I’m learning on tweaking the parameters to learn how can I speed up a print without ruined.

I already flipped the original file, so you dont have to flip it by yourself anymore. I printed with raft and dense support layer, but also having problems to get off the supports. Infill is 30%, layer height 0.2 and the speeds about 50mm/s and like that, it will print for about 4 hours (raft took half an hour alrrady)

Any Suggestions for a better support removal? I will try maybe with a support-part separation of 2 layers

Well, this was my first print, as you can see, One side came out perfect, whereas the otherside (with supports) came out crappy since the supports were right underneath the wheel carriage and made it worthless.


Printed a second version with the wheelcarriage facing up, and much better…either or, thank you for your design, finishing the print on the rest of it and I will be complete. This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

@drmaettu - I actually rarely print with rafts anymore. I find that they don’t really give much benefit. The one exception is if it’s something large and flat

I think I’ve come up with a way that we can position the filament above the Flux rather than outside of it. If you remove the cover entirely, there’s the 3rd side that it could ti on nicely. I positioned my blue squirrel where I’m suggesting in the picture. Currently the outside brace is too tall to work there, but I think it could be super nice.



Your chemical engineer’ dude is cool…never thought of that…Hmmm…

That should definitely be in the trophy room.