Windows 10 (eventually) supporting Flux Delta?


It looks like Windows 10 is trying to make using a 3D printer as easy as using a regular paper printer. Check out this article for more -

They have natively added support for about 13 printers, some of which require a Raspberry Pi to provide the wifi functionality. It looks like they are taking requests for other printers to get added. Being that the Flux Delta has wifi built-in, I would imagine this could work without requiring the Raspberry Pi.

Flux Studio is getting better, but I think for the hardware to truly succeed, integrating easily with a variety of Model programs and slicers, is going to be the future of printing.


Instead of ranting… I’ll just leave this here.


I haven’t been looking into their App much. I have noticed that it has improved greatly over the past few months. I’m running their preview Windows 10, and it doesn’t look anything like the launched version.

Also, I believe this will be separate from their App. The idea would be that Flux Studio could actually print to any printer, not just to a Flux Delta. The same way you can print to any paper printer from any application.


And I will concede that I haven’t given it a second try since then. I hope that it’s gotten better, because Microsoft is one of the big dogs driving the 3MF format. Who cares what it does to STL files as long as they get that right.


Anyone looked at making Windows 10 drivers for the Flux Delta?


Recently I update my new windows 10 version, when I tried to connect flux dalta with windows 10 it shows an error itunes sync error 54, so I really want a solution how to remove this error.