Will we ever be able to print via usb



I was just wondering if we will ever be able to print via the usb connection? I would love to use Simplify3d


For now, all gcode files upload to a printer have to convert fcode file before printing. However, +1 for this feature request.


pmbroth: Why wait? I am printing S3D right now, just print to file, upload using device monitor folder function in top left corner, double click file after conversion to FC code and the print starts!
Want to print again, just double click again!

And “live” usb printing has its downsides:

  • USB cable length limitations / placement limitations
  • No computer sleep mode
  • No rebooting if you feel like it
  • And the autoreboot after a succesfull windows update is no fun in the middle of a job.
    People are buying http://octoprint.org/ for most features that are already build into the flux!

And USB Memory stick printing is no fun either:
You cannot remove your stick while printing
Most printers have cumbersome navigation buttons (Especially the Twist & press kind that always selects the wrong option [Leapfrog])

goldensnake: Did you even notice you can upload gcode while printing?
This is a real time saver, you don’t have to wait until your print is done, pure multi tasking!

However I am missing a delete button, so its will get kinda crowded after a while, but I am sure this will pop up before the final version.

Sometimes you need to restart the monitor to get the right printing time / percentage but im sure it will be fixed to.

The actual print time is very close to the Simplify 3D Guestimation and matches the Studio Print monitor.

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That’s cool. Let me try it. Thanks.


Yes, I have uploaded the files to flux. I just think that Simplify3d has a lot more control over the printer, such as changing settings during printing. To delete off of the sd card, just select the file and hit your delete key, it will delete then.,



Now we need a way to map it as a drive and just drag and drop.


As I have seen on the Leapfrog, USB printing is actually Serial over USB, so wat you want is probably "Live"gcode over wifi.
Not just another kind of port monitor, but also stepping away from the Gcode>FC process because once the file is completly uploaded to the Flux its hard to change the gcode/fc code

About S3D, the extra control features that I have used during a print over USB (Leapfrog) are:

  • Adjusting Temp
  • Adjusting Fan speed
  • Adjusting Extruder speed ratio

Maybe implementing those kind of features is easier then letting the Flux accept “live” Gcode over USB/Wifi but I get where you are aiming for.

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It would be nice to pause the printing, have the machine eject the filament, then you it will load new filament and continue printing as an example, or change the print temp, extrusion ratio, etc.