Where do you buy your filament (Europe)?

I still have a Flux PLA spool, but I’m not sure where to buy when it finishes.
I had a bad experience with DHL and I’ll try not to order from outside the EU (if possible).

All I find is in Amazon (Spain), and from the reviews I see that BQ has good value for money.

Do you know of other sites and brands you have tried?

I have yet to try them out but i bought 1 kg of PLA from them:


the spools i got was wider than what is fitting inside the flux so i count on respooling my flux holder with the filament bought from them.

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I see that they have Hatchbox on Amazon.co.uk. I’ve been having really good luck with it. The quality of everything about it seems to be equal to the Flux brand, plus it is a lot more cost efficient. To be fair though, I’ve only tried one other brand, but I did end up having to return it.

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Hatchbox does seem cost efficient compared to the 35£ i threw into wedo3dprinting, will buy hatchbox in the future to save on money. but yeah it takes some time and tryouts to find the correct filament that doesn’t cost a fortune.

On that side of the pond, ColorFabb is the premium supplier to go with. It costs, but it’s consistent, and it’s quite nice.


looks really good! especially some of the special filaments like cork or copper! will have to try them out sometime :smiley:

Hi i live in the netherlands and i buy it on www.123-3d.nl look for it many colors and also thins you have necessary.

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Wow, I expect they’re really good, they’re quite pricey.

@rietjehenk Seems interesting, although my Dutch is very limited. Have you tried them with the Flux?

Yes i’m only use filament from this compagny, i’muse this time black and i have brown,silber wood red end so on.

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I’ve bought and tried the following from all Amazon UK>

  1. Rigid.Ink white filament at £28.95/kg and a sample pack of their different colours - all colours print OK but only with extusion multiplier set 0.96 or else the feeder motor goes “click” or “clack” every 10 minutes as it’s pushing too much filament through.
  2. Excelvan Grass Green filament at £11.19/kg - the filament looks like it’s been unwound from a large spool onto a small spool as it’s not smoothly bending around the small spool and it tries to escape like a coiled spring when you try and find the end but it prints just as well as the Rigid.Ink filament, does not jam and works at 1.0 extrusion multiplier with default settings. I will be buying more of this cheap stuff!
  3. Glow in the Dark filament at £19.95/kg - works with default settings and makes fun prints!
  4. ICE wood filament at £20.65/500g - works with default setting and makes things that look and smell like wood. There are two things to worry about though, a) the prints do not have very good layer adhesion when printing slowly on small fine details - fine when printing faster like perimeter walls. b) it is very rough filament that causes the “out of filament” alarm to happen and also because of the way the tiny “out of filament” detection switch is angled towards the feeder cog, the switch got bent to one side when I pulled this filament out once. I had to straighten it to vertical to make it detect normally again.
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at what temperature did you print with your excelvan filament because I bought on ebay a roll of silver color and I have trouble if I want to print a 1.0 in the extrusion multiplier (I need to print at 0.95 but also I print at 60 mm/s and with a temperature of 215C if I don’t want to have problems with the filament)

I’ve not tried the silver but I’d expect it to work with default settings which is 215. Just ordered 3 more reels in white, brown and purple as that grass green and also golden yellow were so good. I’ve not tried upping the speed continuously but when doing bridging or rafts at high speeds it been fine. I’ve only had to reduce the extrusion multiplier using rigid.ink filament.

Here’s another one I’ve tried, white PET filament. It prints OK at 230C but it curls up around the nozzle before sticking to the build plate. I accidentally started a print at 215C and although the print warped of the plate it laid down more smoothly. So maybe 220C-225C would be better. Anyway, it works and I can now print out things that need to be more water proof / food safe.


Here’s a test piece using the PET for the white container>

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thanks, I think I was printing with a temperature too high, because I was using before 195C with flux filament but with this excelvan filament I high up the temperature to 215C to get decent results.