Where do you buy filament?


Where’d you pick up the 3kg spool? Reasonably priced? I really like how white looks for most things and I suspect it will be my most used color in the future. I just ordered another 1kg spool, but I’d love to hear about other reliable suppliers.


This seems interesting https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/filapack-new-filament-every-month-to-your-door#/


That’s kind of cool, and I almost signed up for it, but it just doesn’t seem economical. I originally thought it included an actual spool each month, plus the 4 samples… but it’s just the 4 samples, and that doesn’t make sense to me.

It does make me think it might be worth creating a monthly spool program though.


I order them here in Taiwan from a 3D printer cafe in Taipei. They mail it down next day. About $40us.



I have the first print running, on this spool now. It’s their “Race Car Red”, a transparent that looks more like orange to me. :slight_smile: So far, it’s making a god looking print, but the spool is too big to fit in the top of the printer. I have it sitting on the table, letting the filament just lift off. No problems so far.
btw, does anyone else have problems with feeding the filament into the printer? I always have a hard time finding that “sweet spot”, where it will smoothly feed in.


You mean initially loading filament? Ya know, after that very first install of the filament into the feeder mechanism, I haven’t had any trouble getting the filament to feed. I don’t know why that is, but I expected it to be more temperamental than it has been, based solely on how much trouble I had the first time. Although, I make sure to either have a good melted pointy tip from removing the same filament previously, or cutting the end of the filament to around a 45 degree angle before not-so-gently shoving it down the feeder’s throat, lol.
If you mean keeping it feeding smoothly once it’s loaded, the only thing that solved that for me was installing the universal oiler/filter just before the mouth of the feed mechanism. No more clicks or bangs, just smooth sailing for the most part.


Yeah, I mean initially loading it. It always takes me a few tries. But when I hit that “right spot”, it goes right in. No feeding problems after that.


I prefer filament from MakerGeeks. I have used it for awhile with another 3d printer and, so far, have had no problems using it with the Flux. They have a good selection of colors and a variety of specialty filaments.


I just picked up a couple spools from 3DX Tech in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I don’t know what temps the FLUX is capable of yet, but I can run hotter materials on my other machines…

Anyway though, they’ve got a fiberglass reinforced PETG that I’m excited about as well as a carbon fiber Nylon that seems pretty amazing. Good, local company, too.


carbon fiber bylon? That sounds crazy strong. Please post pics and general settings if you get a chance. It likely won’t print on the Flux, but I’m still very curious how it turns out.


@Simon @Jim @Hunter @Shawn
Are you guys also going to sell filament? Can we reorder from you at least until Flux team gets the chance to start documenting the filaments that the flux team recommends?


You can buy things from their store here - http://store.flux3dp.com/


It would be nice if there was a color sampler option; e.g. 10m of each color, unspooled (which should help keep shipping reasonable). I suppose there’d be some labor involved, as they probably aren’t spooling it themselves, but perhaps whoever their supplier is could be coerced into providing said sample lengths too.


Luckily you can get sample packs like that from lots of other places. PrintRBot comes to mind as one of the better ones.


I just have order one roll of silver pla to test this filament too, I hope it works like yours.


I’ve really liked the grey filament I bought. I will say that the only clog I’ve experienced so far on my Flux happened while using this ebay filament. HOWEVER, I can’t honestly say whether it was this particular filament that caused it or just a build up of several different filaments at various temperatures and of various brands being used. However again, I did go ahead and order three more rolls from the same vendor, although I’ve yet to try them out. I’d suggest just keeping a close eye on your machine and its performance just to be safe. Good luck!


I just received and loaded a roll of 3D Solutech Red Copper that seems to be working well.

3D Solutech Red Copper 3D Printer Filament 1.1 LBS (0.5KG) - 100% USA


Could you post picture of some prints with the filament? I’m interested in see how it looks.


I am making one now, but it’s a long print. I can post when completed.