What printing temperature do you use?


I know this can vary greatly by filament brand and even color, but what print temperature do you use?

I’ve been slowly lowering my print temperature because I’m still getting a good amount of stringing going on. Right now I’m printing at 200 C. What things should I watch out for that would indicate that I’m printing at too low of a temperature?


I’ve been sticking around 200 as well, sometimes 205. I’ve gone down to 195 for one filament and had some pretty weak layers. I think the layer adhesion is what you need to watch for when lowering temps. However, I’ve seen people suggest as low as 180 for PLA on some forums. I’m still learning too, and still get strings with certain models and filaments, but it’s getting better and better for the most part.


Have you found a lower temp leading to less stringing (bits of PLA that look like cobwebs between parts)? I am around 205 right now but sometimes the temp creeps up to 209 area,


Lower temps are supposed to provide less stringing. I haven’t gotten to that point yet though. There is probably less stringing now, but it’s still definitely there.


I’ve been running at 220, but I turned my speeds up. That got rid of the strings and now my prints stick to the my buildtak bed without glue. I just added 10 to all my speeds.


If you have lowered your temps, then it is most likely a retraction issue and you need to up the amount of retraction.
Bowden style printers like the FLUX can require significantly more retraction than direct drive printers. But with PLA
you have to be carefull, too much retraction will cause heat swelled PLA to jam in the hotend.

Also, on Delta style printers like the flux (as opposed to Cartesian printers) there is not nearly the time penalty for setting the raise on retraction parameter in the slicer.