What modelling software do you use?


check out 3dslash its very easy to use! www.3Dslash.com


The one thing I don’t like about Z-brush core is that limit on the number of polygons for STL export. 200,000? That is kind of a deal breaker. I can’t see building some elaborate sculpted model and then have to render it into a low-poly pokemon just to get it out of Z-brush.


It is not a issue and not because the OBJ format is not limited and simplify3d, meshmixer and a lot of other programs can use these. It does not always need to be STL.

An well even 200 000 is not a low poly pokemon :wink:

anod how often do people print something as one part… this is more the case…

I don´t think even the 200 000 is that bad a limitation if you would only use STL.

ooh and if someone is curious here is the link for the crab character https://www.myminifactory.com/object/chrustian-seabourne-33032

It sure is a very nice sculpt :slight_smile:


Braddock’s Crab guy is awesome. Interestingly your example came in just a few 1000 polygons under the limit. LOL

I did see that the limit only applies to STL files, but then I have to ask WHY? Seriously. What is the point? That just seems so arbitrary and frankly, kind of stupid, for what is otherwise an amazing program. There are already enough distinctions and limitations between R7 and Core that the polygon limit on STL files just seems so… after the fact? Random? Silly? Easily dodged, as you have shown, to the point of it just being a pain in the a&& to the end-user?

Therein, I think lies my only real gripe, they went out of their way, when they did not have to, to create an intentional obstacle for the user that does not need to be there. That’s not bad code, that’s just bad practice. That’s the kind of shady BS we saw in the 80s. Can I work around it? Yes. Should I have to, is it functionally required? No.

So straight shooting, no bullshit, I kind of have issues paying money for software that includes completely unnecessary intentionally placed obstacles. Could I work around it? Sure. I could just pirate it too and not worry about it at all…

Believe me, I have watched ZBrush demos live, watched tons of videos, even bought a book. It is software that I really want to get into and learn, but I do not support arbitrary paywalls and I vote with my $.


yes I agree with you I don’t get the limit either and I really want to get into Zbrush too but in recent years I changed my view on pirating so I guess I will buy it afterall.

The STL limit I just will see it as a slightly different workflow.
I will later take models into meshmixer anyway to make the supports for SLA or DLP printing and then export them from there as STL.

Plus I so can’t afford full Zbrush atm. There apparently also will be an upgrade option to the full Zbrush version once 4R8 is out.


I’m with you. I won’t pirate it, but no room in the budget for it right now, so Blender it is. Eventually, maybe.


I use Autodesk 3dsMax for much of what I do, but it doesn’t export to STL and something’s getting lost when exporting as an obj to Autodesk 123D, which, is harder to use than 3dsMax as far as rotating and placing things. Not intuitive at all. Would love to send my model direct to Flux from 3dsMax


123D Design is discontinued. I agree with you that it seems like sometimes things get lost when you take OBJ directly into FLUX Studio. It brings them in, but sometimes the render isn’t quite right, pieces become semi-invisible, etc.

You might want to take a look at Fusion 360. It works with 3 planes for movement/placement which may be a bit more intuitive for you. It is free for students, hobbyists, and businesses making less than $100k. You can then import OBJ, do any final manipulation, and export as STL. A nice bonus for you will be the timeline feature of F360. If something didn’t work out right, you can just go back in time to where a change was made and edit from that point.