What are you looking for other FLUX attachments?

Really just for curiosity, what would you like to see coming for your FLUX?

Try out the forum: http://goo.gl/forms/6nJQsB5VhZ

That way we can easily see what everyone is looking for without counting comments haha.
I figure they’ll start develop these after the units have all shipped, and the software has improved.

about the external spool holder. I believe an official spool holder you can print yourself have been made. other than that i know 4 other spool holders are on thingiverse :slight_smile:

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My thoughts:

  1. Heated bed that is USB controlled/monitored using external power supply to obtain maximum and consistent heat.
  2. Higher powered laser module for cutting.
  3. A mill head that could be used for engraving and cutting.

I would like a Heated bed and stronger laser.
The ability to control the printer with external applications -
And the ability to buy extra parts…


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For me, it could be a Toolhead which is heatable to 260° or more. Heatbead. Dualextruder. Direct Extruder. Pastry Extruder


@Swift3d An “official” one is what I was thinking of. Once they ship the part I need to fix my FLUX, I will print one.

@Jerry That would be cool to have a heated bed that would connect via USB. Perhaps have it controlled through the app.

@pmbroth extra parts would be nice. I bet once their store gets up and running they will have some.

@drmaettu What is a direct extruder? A tool head with more heat would be nice.

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well i now an official one @simon have posted somewhere. but yeah they don’t have one the can ship to you.

Really? That is interesting. I wonder what it looks like.
I am just going to print one. I just need parts haha.

Its the other process for feeding filament, not via the bowden, which makes impossible to print the flexible filaments. It sits directly on the hotend.


You should make the polling result public, so it can help us prioritizing developing items.


heated bed, high power laser cutter and CNC would be nice!

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Ooops, I thought it was. It is now.
Good catch :slightly_smiling:
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I would be great if FLUX has a live support view for laser engraving

Here’s a direct link to the results - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1N0v2Cv3n5Jowv4RRhPwATkK448XCOQiJRHq-WQ5GpRk/viewanalytics

I’ll be honest, I’m surprised that the chocolate/pastry extruder is doing so well.

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Dual extruder, better wifi, timelapse filming with existing camera


choclate filament duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

oh and dual extrusion and better wifi and definetely timelapse filming, the camera is at a low fps rate, why?


wax extruder for casting seems like a great idea. Other 3D printers have specific options for that.

laser. Is the power of the laser dependent on what is allowed in each country?

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