What about dual/triple extrusion?


Are the developers looking at the possibility of modular or add-on extruders and hot-ends? Many folks are dual extruding already, I’ve seen designs for a triple hot-end, and E3D has already unleashed the Kraken! (sorry, I had to)

I hope that the FLUX design will keep multiple extrusion in mind so that this can be added at a later date without heavy modification.

Do the electronics have any motor drivers, heater FETs, thermistor/thermocouple inputs, etc to spare for doing this down the road?


according to the kickstarter, a dual extruder is planned:
“The laser engraving module is only the beginning. Many other modules are under development, including a dual extruder, a ceramics extruder, and a pastry extruder (for chocolate, jam, and many other edibles).”

For triple or quadruple, wouldn’t be easier to think of a way to automatically swap the filament instead of having more and more extruder.
One of the problem is definitively the weight and size of printing head.

For the dual extruder, I would love to have head that use the tilting technology.
It is very simple, the extruder in use has a different angle as the other one; this allows to print without having the second extruder to touch/damaged the printed item.
This technology is already usued by Spiderbot.
Ref: http://www.spiderbot.eu/en/technology/tilting-dual-head.html

I don’t know if there is a patent limitation for using the same system but it could also be done with a vertical adjustement of the extruder (printing one is few milimeters under the inactive one, and vice-versa when using the second extruder).


Mentioned in another thread, but relevant here. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1337298295/the-palette-3d-printing-evolved


IMO the way The Palette works is better than multiple-extruder, and we may turn to this direction if we can lower the cost. If not, we do have reserved I/O for dual extruder. Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to achieve multi-material print in the long run.

Yes, we know the other head hitting / leaking is a major problem regarding multiple-extruder. And that’s why I say The Palette way works better, but there is still some concern.
We don’t know how consistency is the filament produced by compressing up to 4 materials, especially if different material-based filament, such as nylon, is used. So dual extruder might still be a necessity.
We’ll look into it.


Any news regarding a dual extruder? :slight_smile: @Hunter


There is a Kickstarter program currently running for the Prometheus System, a dual-extrusion system developed by DisTech Automation that allows feeding two different filaments into one hot end, eliminating the problems of having a second hot end interfering with the build or the issue of having to have both feeds occupied for dual feeds that meet in the hot end. The filament drivers are separate from the hot end itself, so the design is amenable to a Bowden-based system. The second extruder driver would require a redesigned top end to the Flux to fit everthing, and it would probably be necessary to have some sort of vertical spool rack (i.e., spool axis horizontal) to be able to fit both spools at once.


It is impressive! It would be really nice if flux came with a similar dual extruder


So, four years later, are we to assume that further development of the FLUX Delta is dead? No more lofty goals? No pancake extruder? No multi-filament print heads?


I haven’t seen any new development. It seems they even took down most of the latest Flux studio versions, and went back to an older 1.0 beta version


I’ve been wondering the same thing for a while. It seems they have largely ignored the printer and instead focused on their laser cutters.