Wear on rod arm bulb end

Brilliant, thank you @simon

Another example of why backing this company and their product are proving to have been a good idea!!
No BS, but rather responsibility and solutions. Please keep it up.


You can see the current manual over in the Flux help center.

It’s enough to get up and running, but I agree there are some things people with no prior experience need to know (I am one of them), so the tutorials @simon mentioned will be very welcome.

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I’ve been wiping the lubrication off of my arms about every 3 hours of machine time, and reapplying fresh lube. I’m still getting what looks like metal powder… No visible wear on the balls yet, but I’m checking each time now.

When did the factory switch from the old arms to the new ones? Is there any other way to tell which ones you have?

I have run the flux non stop for 12 days now. I mean literally no stopping. I wake up in the night to start the next print. In the first three days I had trouble with the ball detaching but then used the lubricant and have had no more detachments and there is no wear on the ball joints.

What color is your grease?

Pearlescent. White in the jar.

The grease on my printer turns black after about an hour following cleaning and fresh application. I’ve done the full clean/replace two times now and likely will do another tonight or tomorrow. The grease is black every time and looks just like yours, but I don’t see any visible wear on the actual ball ends.
Oh, and don’t forget to also clean and grease the upright metal rods that the carriages slide on. The grease turns black there too.

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I was wondering what kind of wear everyone else has on their rod arm bulb ends.
I have lubricated the ends at the start and well in between the 30 hour mark, twice so far(thin coats), applying a third, more generous one now - small signs of wear showing - is this comparable to anyone elses? I’m curious!

That’s pretty much exactly what mine all look like as well. As you mentioned, I’ve been lubricating them before or around the 30-hour mark with what I would call a “medium” coat of the included lubricant. I haven’t seen any issues with performance, but those rings are a little worrisome. I wonder what the lifespan is expected to be on these parts and if replacements will be affordable.

i also having the same problem. first is the black build-up, then the rod wearing and the rod detach during print.


Pls advice

Mine look like they are headed in the same direction.

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If you guys read above, you may have the older rods and if you do they will be replaced. Contact the flux team. My machine has been running 24 hours a day for over a month and I have no such ware.

Mine are just beginning to look like this. I think I did wait too long between changing the lubricant this recent time too. Not sure if that helps to cause this.

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I see no one has mentioned anything about wear on the bulb arms for some time.

I was getting head tilt errors with the printing tool head.

I removed all the arms, cleaned and re-lubed them. I also cleaned the “tower” rails. They were extremely dirty, much more than I would have expected.

My ball joints look the same as those above. I lube them by inserting the joint fully into the small container that came with the flux, so I am being very liberal with the lubrication.

Is there something else I should be doing with the machine. Also how does it react to humidity?

I mean the rainy season is coming soon so I am concerned about how the machine will deal with it. I have a lot of art photo paper and a large format printer in my studio so I usually leave the a/c on “dry” but… if that is not enough is there something else to do?

I thought I would share my experience with wear so far. I’m about 100 hours in (80 hrs print 20hrs laser). I stoped using the white metal lubricant and switched to WD-40 PTFE spray at about 10 print hours in because there was way too much black residue left on the bulb ends and tool-head. The PTFE spray has performed much better than the metal lubricant, there is a lot less black residue and much easier application, I just spray a small amount on the top of the bulb head with the tool head attached to the printer and wipe off any excess lubricant that runs.


What is that WD-40?

Silicone based?

I know the old yellow and blue can stuff. I can’t get it here in Japan of course though.


Yeah it’s a WD-40 branded variant lubricant, I think it’s PTFE based. I use the WD-40 silicone based lubriacnt for my filament/oiler


I cant get it anywhere in S’pore. Is it advisable to go for dry ptfe instead of wet ptfe??

I’m from Singapore as well and couldnt find the wet ptfe anywhere, search results online all shows available only in australia (if it is still available)

Somehow i feel that the wet ptfe has been phased out as official site isnt even listing it as one of the products.

I’m currently using the dry lube and it works pretty well, doesnt leave any messy dirt or residue.

Yeah it might only be an Australian thing by the looks of it http://www.wd40.com.au/wd-40_specialist_products I’m not sire what the import rules for S’pore but I can send you a can if you like.