Warning when Power/Speed is NOT 100%

Please provide a software and LCD warning when starting a new engraving/cutting when the LCD power/speed adjustment is different than 100%. Require user to confirm proceeding before starting the job. For example… prior job was set by Beam Studio to require 15% power and yy speed. As the work proceeded the user increased the power by 300% at the BeamBox LCD screen. All done, goes away for 3 days, comes back with an entirely new job with the power set at 50% (or 30% …) and forgetting the LCD increase, now the machine is trying to proceed at 75w of power on a 50w tube (not sure if that is possible… so what if originally it was 15% power with 300% increase and new job is set to 30% power… giving a 90% power direction). Given we should not exceed 60% power (50% if want longest life for the tube) I’ve just really overpowered the machine.

Personally, I wouldn’t want a warning. There are times I want to change materials for a saved file and I like to edit the machine setting instead of the cut settings for a batch.
However, displaying the machine settings (and having the ability to change them) would be nice.

As an extra note, if you want the developers to hear, you might want to send them a message directly. I don’t think the forums are monitored that closely.