Warning when Power/Speed is NOT 100%


Please provide a software and LCD warning when starting a new engraving/cutting when the LCD power/speed adjustment is different than 100%. Require user to confirm proceeding before starting the job. For example… prior job was set by Beam Studio to require 15% power and yy speed. As the work proceeded the user increased the power by 300% at the BeamBox LCD screen. All done, goes away for 3 days, comes back with an entirely new job with the power set at 50% (or 30% …) and forgetting the LCD increase, now the machine is trying to proceed at 75w of power on a 50w tube (not sure if that is possible… so what if originally it was 15% power with 300% increase and new job is set to 30% power… giving a 90% power direction). Given we should not exceed 60% power (50% if want longest life for the tube) I’ve just really overpowered the machine.