Vinyl Cutting Tool


I asked @Proclaim earlier in another thread about the vinyl cutting tool and he indicated that hopefully this week (not guaranteed though).

So that means possibly available in store soon.

They way the email I received reads, the free upgrade kit campaign ends on May 5th.


Yup, it’s only the upgrade kit campain that ends

and the free upgrade kit campaign, which will end on May 5th

Warranties start from the shipping date

don’t worry, the warranty starts from the date of delivery


I did see boxes of vinyl cutting toolhead in our warehouse :clap:
the day has finally come~


Hey I was waiting for the vinyl cutting tool to order my upgrade with that tool so I do not pay shipping twice, I’m just afraid that won’t be possible before 5 May?


You’re cutting it close, but you have a few more days, it might be worth it to wait a bit. As long as you order the upgrade kit before 5 May you should be safe.


Any Idea on when and if the vinyl cutting toolhead will be in the store before 5 MAY?? As I mentioned previously I can only afford shipping once and have been waiting for the toolhead before I order my upgrade kit as to have both sent at the same ?


@proclaim @Wei-Zhong , since the vinyl cutting tool seems to be almost ready, would it be possible to postpone the end of the free upgrade kit campaign so that we can place a single order for the upgrade kit and the vinyl cutting toolhead? I’d rather spend more money in flux accessories and less in shipping costs… :slight_smile:


My thoughts exactly, why cause a stressful situasion for no reason, just postpone the free upgrade kit campaign until you have vinyl cutting toolhead stock, why do we need to stress or worry as there has been no feedback to our questions about when the vinyl cutting tool will be in the store, I am willing to wait months still for stock to arrive but now I am forced to buy the upgrade kit because of this deadline? Why? I’m just very frustrated at the moment. :rage:

Well I just placed my order without the vinyl cutting toolhead, I would have loved to get this toolhead as that was suppose to be the function of the printer to have interchangeable modular tool heads, I guess I won’t be able to expand my flux experience for the next couple of years I suppose, the only way I would pay shipping again is when all the other toolheads, pastry, duel, stronger laser and cnc toolheads are realeased in the future and I can order all at once.


FYI the Vinyl cutter is now in the store for purchase!


:joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: Well I contacted support, hopefully they will let me buy and add it to my current order as it hasn’t been shipped yet.


@Proclaim I want to order it today, but I’m going to wait a few days to see if some other out of stock items get restocked.

Is there ANY chance at all that you guys can ship with any other carrier than DHL? I am perfectly willing to wait an extra week or two for things to arrive, but not so willing to keep paying DHL twice everytime you ship something with them. They charge for delivery and then charge customs AND delivery fees again at this end. Just plain old regular postal service would be fine.


Hey Guys,

same problem here, would like to order upgradekit and cutter, but want to pay shipping once. the head is allwasys sold and my free-code wont work anymore. how long should we wait and is there any chance to get the upgrate-kit for free again to save one shipping?


Hey I ended up buying the upgrade kit before 5 May and luckily the vinyl cutting tool appeared on the shop before my order got shipped, so I just bought the vinyl cutting head and paid for the additional shipping now the two orders are combined for me and will ship together.


You can purchase what items you want and you can send the flux team an email to put the items on hold then when the item is back in stock you can purchase and combine shipping. It’s pretty painful way of doing it but as long as they get items in stock within 2 weeks its worth it.