Vinyl Cutting Tool


Hey @Simon or @proclaim I noticed on the upgrade kit that it doesn’t come with the vinyl cutting feature that is coming on the delta+. Is this a piece of equipment that can be bought for the normal delta users. I would love to do vinyl cutting so I hope I can buy it somewhere! If anyone knows let me know! Thanks.


I’d also like one! Also, how did you print on the bag? Was that vinyl?


We’ll sell the Vinyl Cutting module in the future. Please wait for us and keep following our updates!
Thank you for your support!



I’m interested in that too.

I want to make some stickers for my Macs as previously mentioned :grin:



Use the module to make a mask, then spray.
Thank you!


Count me in for another that would love to buy the Vinyl Cutting Module! I sure hope we don’t have to wait too long.


I would like to get one as well…


Me too. A little disappointed it wasn’t in the upgrade kit. @Wei-Zhong - Can’t we get an upgrade kit+? - pay a little more, make it closer to the plus and save on dual shipping at the same time?


I would get this as well


I also would love an upgradekit + and save shipping costs. A blade extension would be very welcome as the laser is quite slow when used to cut. I guess the blade can also cut paper and thin cardboard.


We will discuss about this!
Thank you for everyone’s support and passion!


Great news! More Upgrade Kit options like the one’s stated above for our (classic) flux delta units would be great, we certainly wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable amount more to get our units as close to the + units as possible. Looking forward to their arrival! :slight_smile:


Hi yes I would also definitely pay a liittle extra and buy all the delta+ parts with the upgrade kit as shipping is a big issue, I can afford 1 shipment, not multiple.


I would pay as well… And be able to get an extra metal bottom for my other print head.


For what it’s worth, I’d definitely like to buy one too! It would be great if we could add it to our Delta+ upgrade orders. Thanks!


@Wei-Zhong any idea when the vinyl cutting tool will be on the flux store. I was really hoping to order it so it could be shipped with the upgrade kit to save some money on shipping. Thanks.


Vinyl cutting tool will be on the flux store next month.
Sorry for long wait!


Woo hoo!!! Macbook Stickertown here I come!!!


Great news! :heart_eyes:


@Wei-Zhong Will the vinyl cutting tool be in the store soon? (and is only the free warranty expiring on may 5th, or also the free upgrade kit campaign?)