Very unsatisfying printing results


@BoozeKashi: No, that never happened before. I printed different tall things over time. Up to 20cm height, without problems. Yesterday I printed 3 parts for the marble machine. The spiral is 11cm tall and it looks relatively good. On the left part there are again gaps between infill and outline (55% outline overlap in S3D).

I printed this with 3rd party silver filament. No clicking sound at all. 1st layer 220, 2nd layer 210, 3rd layer and upwards 200 degrees.

I was very happy in the past with my used glue stick. It did a great job.

I think the result of the spiral is nice because the printhead doesn’t need to move long distances. During the print of larger objects the wobbling of the carriages is very noticeable. And that wobbling is a pretty new behavior of my Flux.

The alignment of this 3 parts looks pretty kinky, sorry for that :slight_smile:


What’s your extrude multiplier setting? I have to set to 1 for have a nice top layer with no gap and uniform/smooth outer wall.


Just for my curiosity, why do you need a skirt after extrude a chunk of filament on 3/4 circle outside? I like the way of printing 3/4 circle instead of many skirts and it’s skirt size that also depend on a size of a object.


I do the brim (a skirt with 0 offset from the part) for print plate adhesion, in most cases it sticks well engough and I prefer it to a raft.

I had instances were just printing the object was not engough so I just leave the brim on by default, it does not take that long to print.

Another plus is that it creates a smoother bottom layer than using a raft.


Here the picture I talked about earlier…

left is the old print , right is new
no hardware change between the 2 and same filament and slicer (yes the secondone is rotated 180 degrees)

the difference is mostly in the slicing settings

the change is from this

to this

Will do some partial test as there is still some weird stuff going on besides print temp being to high for that filament.

Ah yes and printing to fast… probably not, my max print speed is set to 50 mm/s and outside walls usually 20-25 mm/s

might give Cura a try too, at least in the preview the gap fill looks more reasonable.


@goldensnake That is interesting, I will keep an eye out for that, I had no idea they even made a gel lubricant. Even regular WD-40 is a bit difficult to find here though. As far as the blackness going away though, you changed your bearings already, so that could also be part of why you are not seeing it anymore. I have actually thought about replacing the rods themselves too but I am not sure that would make enough of a difference on the old workhorse.

@Tyrolean I have been having some issues with S3D and infill overlap too and not entirely sure why. I don’t have the same problems if I print from Cura2 with the same model and same basic settings. Still looking into that. Some googling and watching YT will reveal a lot of folks are having issues with S3D and a lot of theories floating around. I have no answers yet. Good to know you are not having the height stoppage problem, I guess that was just a one-off.

@Tiwaz That is a massive difference in quality with just a tiny change in slicer setting! Nice work!

I am really glad you guys are sticking with it and your prints are showing the improvements in just a very short time!


I have those infill issues with the standalone cura too, but still playing around and trying to get my profile setup working. I will share the updated settings when I am happy with it.