Very slow cutting? Perfect, quick engraving?


Hello- I am very new to this, so bear with me.

When I set up a project to engrave (on one layer) then cut (on a separate layer) the engraving goes very quickly, looks great. The cutting, however- no matter what parameters I try, it is very slow- the laser bounces back and forth and “sparks” for about 10 minutes, then finally completes the task. I am not quite sure what the issue is? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Verify that ALL the shapes that you’re trying to vector cut have no infill. Not a white infill, but none. What you’re describing sounds like the laser is still trying to follow the engraving protocol of scanning back and forth, but is moving at vector cutting speeds. I believe the presence of filled shapes is what dictates which mode the laser decides to operate in. The presets that I believe you’re selecting from (Engrave Wood, Cut 3mm wood, etc) only determine a speed/power combination.


Thanks so much Alex, that was the exact problem. I fixed my vector and it cut perfectly and only took 6 minutes.