Version 9.5 released



I just noticed a new version of the studio has been released. I have not had a chance to try since I’m at work, It is supposed to fix the slicing error, when changing slicer engines. There are no release notes posted, so do not know what else is in the release.




9.5 still has the Error, when you try to change slicing engines.


I am trying to use the laser

Smallish line art image under 1mb png file.

Stuck on Uploading Fcode just like the last version.

Anyone using the laser recently? I have not touched the flux in a while. I could try it from the other machine with the last version of the software that worked.


I used the laser month to burn 50 pieces for a job. I have not used it since Version 9.1 though. With version 9.1 i had no issues


Thanks for the reply


My new install hangs when loading filament. The software doesn’t fully freeze, but after the nozzle heats up it doesn’t actually start feeding filament.

Anybody else seen that?


I’ve got another weird one… I laid out my parts how I wanted them, started the print, and the object placement was different… Killed the print, looked at the preview, and the GCode preview is different than the layout. I can turn the preview on and off, and it goes back and forth between these two.


Can you upload the stl?


It’s the single version of this thing:
It actually looks like a clean file. NetFabb says it’s a single solid without any holes, etc.

The exact steps I followed to get that error were:
1 Loaded the STL file.
2 Scaled it to 2450% because it was created in inches.
3 Duplicated the object so that I had two of them.
4 Manually dragged and arranged them to be close to center.

Is there a log that I can export, or something like that, that might help with troubleshooting?

I’m wondering if this might have something to do with duplicating an object after it has been scaled? Is that a possible source of error?