v0.2.9 Alpha - Thank you

v0.2.9 Alpha is out…and it’s a massive improvement! Thank you guys.
I can connect via Wifi with no problems. :smile:

WINDOWS only. :frowning:
Where’s the Mac love?

It’s there as of 0930 PDT.

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The Flux Studio ver 0.2.9 and new firmware are fixed the wifi connection and other bugs. Thanks Flux team.

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It seems that the range of apple products with OS X are giving the developers a problem.

I was talking with my staff about it the other day. Maybe because of all the different configurations for the apple products from the older mac pro to the mac book air.

I think also the international market share for Windows is huge.

Here in Japan for design places apple is more or less the standard. Windows is for accounting and other stuff.

There was a slic3r bug in 0.2.9 for osx, so we temporarily removed the link. Now we’ve fixed the bug in latest download image, no more slic3r.pl error.

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Any it works perfectly! Now, to get my FLUX working again so I can test it…

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My flux isn’t working. Not on Win, not on my mac… previous post

Let’s start with my mac…

this is a console view

As you can see. Errors are running up.

Cant connect to flux USB…

Any help

Also my Studio 2.9 giving big problem can’t load it in windows 7,

help, help


I’m having no luck running 0.2.9a on Windows 10, either - loads up the blank window with a spinning circle

I had 0.2.8 installed and it read that it was 0.2.9 even though it wasn’t. I figured that I should take advantage of the newer version so removed and installed the “real” 0.2.9 but end up with the blank window too. When I check the task manager, there’s a plethora of Flux Studio processes running, some of them with activity on the CPU meter.

Even after uninstalling and running a comprehensive registry cleaner, a re-install provided the same result.

So… it’s back to 0.2.8 and hope all goes well for the makerspace unveiling this weekend.

You need to run as administrator or you will get this issue, either right click and run as admin, or better, right click on the icon, go to properties, compatibility and click run as admin (it will change the default to admin)

Thanks apspurgen, Run as Administrator worked. Never needed that on 0.2.7a