Using the USB full size port to power a cooling fan or a light


I’ve been wondering about this since the idea of cooling the print came up as a way to improve print quality.
I don’t have an USB fan right now, but as you can see this keyboard light stick does its job apparently without problems. Is it safe? Is it recommended?


Is cooling the print going to be the right direction? I’ve had a bit of edge curl on some long narrow models, which indicates too rapid cooling.

I have been considering to arrange a trio of gooseneck lamps with IR (Heat) bulbs in place, probably on some form of dimmer, in order to keep the print warm enough to prevent contraction and curling. It would be critical to monitor and manage the temperature, however, to prevent other things from getting too warm.


I bought a largish desk fan to help with some more difficult prints. I don’t turn it on for the first few layers to prevent the curling, but some smaller areas higher up on some models also tend to curl in the corners or points. The fan helped a lot for that. Also, slowing down the print speed for small perimeters. It can’t hurt to try it!


I found some USB fans for 50 cents, so I knew that I had to make them into parts cooling fans :slightly_smiling:


We’ve already considered this situation. 500mA will be safe and there is an individual current protection IC for that specific USB port. So no worry to your usage and it will automatic shut the device down when the current reach the limit.


So no space heaters or beverage warmers :slight_smile:


Think I’m in the market for a few USB fans. Also setting one up to exhaust out my window… etched leather doesn’t have the most pleasant smell.