Using original camera module in DIY project


Now that everyone’s upgraded their original Flux, lots of us have old camera modules. I started looking at the module and did some searching. Turns out they are a pure USB web cam module ( You can use them by just getting an adapter to go from USB to Aces 87213-XXXX connector:

You can use them for your Raspberry Pi if you want a compact module, or just connect them to a computer. I just thought people might want to know!


That style and shape of camera is what’s in your laptop screen. That’s why they’re long and flat like that, and that’s why they use common cable connections like USB.


Hi… i wander if it is possible to build a simple digital camera for teaching. I’m looking for something with a single lens, a sensor (possibly on a pcb) and a cardboard body. Of course the camera would take terrible pictures, but that’s not the point. The pictures could be barely recognizable. I just want something low level that illustrates how a camera work with optics, sensors, etc

pcb assembly