USB device not connecting


Getting the typical “USB device not found” error.
Macbook pro pre-2011

Did the troubleshooting steps from Studio listing and from what I have read on this forum.

The thing that I suspect is the usb-c connector on the base is faulty. The connection slot seems very loose and moves in the base. Anyone else have this issue?



Yep… pretty sure that was the problem as the connector just fell out of the slot.

RA coming for me on day 1.
Ugh… was very excited also.


Try this


I was not able to connect with Windows 8.1 on FLUX Studio v0.2.14 Alpha. Once I downgraded to v0.2.12 I was able to connect. I had to uninstall .14 before I could install .12.


Hi guys,

We’ve changed the installer, please go ahead and install v0.2.15


Flux Studio reports I’m using 0.2.14 and asks to install the newer version. I download and run the 0.2.15 installer. But when Flux Studio is ran again, again it says I’m using 0.2.14. Clicking “About Flux Studio” also reports version 0.2.14.

This is my first time installing Flux Studio. No previous version installed.


Thanks for the reporting, we’ve implanted with wrong version number, we’re now uploading correct version.


install old version, setup your printer, update the tool head and the printers firmware then update your flux studio


You have to update the driver and firmware of the printer. hp printer assistant has some latest tools and software which is beneficial for you.