Upgrade Kit Coupon - Now What?


Same here :wink: :fries: :popcorn:


Has the difference between the new and old print head been spelled out anywhere?


The new printing toolhead comes with an all new metal base, which will keep the toolhead from melting if the PLA builds up.


The upgrade kit includes the Metal printing toolhead base. I believe this will address the issue.


Ahh, so the “old” print head with the new metal bit from the upgrade kit is functionally identical to the new one. Cool!


@wei, since the bottom plate is metal now, what is the reason to not go to higher temperature, say 250C?


Good question…
I might be wrong but I think that the PTFE tube might have an issue with that hight a temp ?

Just done a bit of reading most people says stat the PTFE starts decomposing at 240-250… some say it starts releasing toxic fumes at around 250-260.

I guess I will stick to using my other printer with the full metal hotend for high temp filaments


That is correct. PEEK and PTFE both have a temperature limit that’s just above what we use for printing. I haven’t taken apart the FLUX hotend, but if it’s lined all the way down to the nozzle with PTFE, that’s the reason for the temperature limit (although the software limit could still probably be 10-15 degrees higher)… If the PTFE stops in the heatsink and doesn’t go through the heatbreak, a higher temperature would be achievable. Then you could get more like 280C before you’d run into trouble. Much higher than that, and you max out the average thermistor and would have to switch to a thermocouple.


A) You guys are both correct, and yes the hot end is lined all the way down.

B) Out of everyone in the forum, I cannot believe that Jim has not been inside the hot end. :open_mouth:


Never had a failure that required taking it apart.


I second Jim, I never had any issues with the hot end that forced me to take it apart. I only wish, it could go higher in temperature! Why not to use an all metal hot end instead, like E3D?


I had one nasty clog early on that taught me more than I wanted to know about the tool head.

Then later on I had a tool head defect failure that taught me WAY more than I wish I knew now about Thailand Customs and 3D Printers. :open_mouth:

@mc_ott Eventually somebody will make a modded toolhead for an E3DV6 or Prometheus maybe? There is nearly enough room in there now. But then the question becomes will the firmware send it higher temps, and is there enough voltage onboard to do that?


Same here… I had a nasty clog which ended up in two strip-downs of the head as the 'lil steel double ended thready thing (that’s the technical term for it! :laughing: ) between the radiator and the hot end had come a bit loose when I’d removed the nozzle to declogify it (at least I think that was the cause… it had been fine before then)… and hence PLA was coming from inside the head, not the nozzle… my rather destructive reassembly the second time ensured that it will not need stripping down again for that problem… (think stead thread which has been roughed up by pliers and aluminium tap thread :-O)!! It didn’t want to go back together again, but it did… and it WILL NOT come apart again of it’s own volition :laughing: :blush: It’s holding together pretty well… Delta hasn’t been brave enough to misbehave once since! :laughing: :laughing:


Heat Break


Heat Block

Hot End is the whole assembly that you hulkamania’d back together.


Yes teach :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean ‘heat break’ is a better description than :'lil steel double ended thready thingy"?? :laughing:


TBH I kind of think the whole reprap org was drunk when they came up with the names.

“Hey, let’s call the whole thing the Hot End, and every single part in it will be the Heat ______”

Either that or this guy came up with the names. (You might not be old enough to recognize him.)


Just ordered an upgrade kit + metal base plate (I hope I haven’t left this too late if they already shipped everyone elses), looking forward to it! I would have liked to have ordered a new print head as well but unfortunately it is out of stock :frowning:


My upgrade kit was finally shipped yesterday :grin:
I am so looking firward to receive it.


Yes, the upgrade kits are on their way! We’ve shipped out nearly a hundred upgrade kits today. Since our office will be closed from 4/1 to 4/5 due to public holiday, the shipping will continue in early April.
However. the email from DHL indicates that we’ve made the shipping labels for your order, but it doesn’t necessarily means that your order is shipped. You will receive a order fulfilled email from Shopify if your order is shipped.

Happy Friday!


Damn… I’m one of the ones with just a shipment information received status! Maybe my birthday present from Flux will be to have the parcel leave on the 6th of Apr… hint hint! At least it leaving on the 6th will itself be a nice surprise, since it obviously won’t be arriving on the 6th!! :laughing: :birthday: