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Yep, i try others print model, and create my model. For the moment i looking for obtain fine result (To obtain a smoother, less constricted surface) but it’s not easy !. Why you use simplify3D ? It’s a better software ? For the moment i try with cine4D and Flux studio 7.0.4


Simplify3D is WYSIWYG and of course it’s better in my opinion.


Cine4D is design software.

Simplify3D is slicer software.

Nothing to compare.

@Claymenia if you are looking for different modeling software it depends on your style.

Do you want more artistic, sculptural style? If so, there is Zbrush (expensive), Blender (free), Meshmixer (free)
(If you are comfortable in Cinema 4D any of these will feel familiar)

Are you more architectural/drafting style? Look at Autodesk line: Tinkercad, Fusion 360, GrabCAD, SketchUp (all free) These are CAD style drafting, so not as artistic and fluid.

In 3D design software, it is just a matter of taste, and what you prefer. Some types of models are easier to design in some software than others but anything can be done in either. If you are looking more to create figures and artistic pieces it is better to look at software that lends itself to that process. If you are looking more at prototyping, parts design, functional items, then CAD software is more suitable.

Now slicer software like Simplify3D is a completely different discussion. :slight_smile:


ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you should leave it i know it pulls the toolhead out the problem ends over time as it softens over time in about 4 or 5 days of small prints i mean like 8 hours printing! i think you destroyed the tube! request a new 1 from [email protected] mail them srsly!


Hi…I had a similar problem at one point with a failed update and just had to try it again and let it work it’s way through. To do the factory reset, you power off the machine, hold the button down, and then power it on, holding down the button until it starts flashing red-white.

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