Unable to feed filament


After several months not using the printer, I tried a small print and filament came out only sporadically. I decided to clean the noozle and unload the filament and then feed it again. Now I cannot load filament. When I start the loading process everything goes fine, but when the filament enters the printing head a grinding noise starts and filament stops feeding allthough feeder mechanism continues to work and does not stop.
Does anybody know a solution?


I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago. In my case, the problem was the the fitting on the top of the PTFE tube. Somehow the metal clips inside the fitting that holds the PTFE tube got bent and was causing a blockage preventing a free filament movement. The solution was to unscrew the fitting, cut the filament and change the fitting. This was the 2nd time within a year that happened and I had purchased 10 spares from Amazon the first time it happened. It is good to have spare fittings as they will break fairly regularly, sometime the grip lets go and the tube comes loose, which makes a filament spaghetti on the floor if the machine is running unattended. Be careful, both ends of the PTFE tube have different size fittings.
Machine Side = PC4-M5
Printhead Side = PC4-M6

Good luck!


Thanks. I will try this solution and see if it works.