Two printers - one app


So switching between two Flux printers on the desktop app can be tricky but not impossible. It doesn’t always send to the printer I have picked. And forcing it to do so is a bit of repeat and retry.

But the iOS app simply cannot see the new printer at all. Is this a limitation of the app?

I would like to see the desktop app have a more positive/precise selection of which printer is being sent to; and I would like to switch control and camera on the iOS app between the two printers.


Well, that is just annoying!? So you’ve made sure the ‘Enable Cloud’ option in the machine preferences is ‘Active’ for both printers? And they don’t appear at all under ‘Machines’ in the app?

I can’t report back my own results, as I don’t have a second machine… maybe they’d like send me a second one so I can test it out? :laughing: :laughing: But seriously, I wouldn’t have through it was an intended app limitation, since it appears that it has the facility to list multiple machines.


Yep. All active in the cloud. No joy. The iOS app only shows my original printer.


Ah well, I didn’t think it would be that easy… ! :laughing: if you want to fiddle around… maybe try disabling both, and then enabling just the one that isn’t talking? See if it shows up in the iOS app? If it doesn’t then perhaps something more fishy is going on… :open_mouth:


Did you try scrolling down the screen?


Certainly I tried scrolling down the screen :slight_smile:

After rebooting EVERYTHING a dozen times, and turning on and off the cloud feature, and re-binding the printer a few times…

NOW both printers are seen through the iPhone APP. Both cameras function well.

However, the desktop app still has trouble talking to both. I can see both, I can pull up the dashboard for both, but I am stymied at sending over wifi a print to the specific printer I want. It seems locked on one printer. I am using USB printing for the other.


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Seriously? It’s not an Elson Printer so I doubt that helps.


‘She’ probably needs some epson salts with that :stuck_out_tongue: