Transparent PLA Issues

Hey All, Was wondering if anyone was having any issues with transparent PLA. I started printing #3DBenchy to see how it would handle the print, each time I printed with the transparent PLA it seemed to have some layering issues half way through the print as pictured below. I was able to print #3DBenchy flawlessly with regular green filament. Is there some kind of difference with regular PLA vs transparent PLA I may not be aware of? Both filaments seem to have the same specs, but I’m sure I’m missing something somewhere.

What extrusion temp are you using? It looks like the plastic isn’t melting fully, and then it’s under extruding because of the back pressure created at the nozzle. I’d either try slowing the print down, or increasing the extrusion temp.

Different filaments will always behave slightly differently. Identical chemistry with different pigments will even behave differently. Usually the evidence isn’t quite as extreme, though.

Currently stock settings with the only adjustments being the “fan_below_layer_time” set to 99 bug fix from the Calibration prints thread.

It could also be filament starved because of friction on the spool… It would be odd if that was as repeatable, though.

Try setting your temp up to 230, just to see what happens. Thermistors have a tolerance, and it’s possible that yours reads lower than others. 220 is high for PLA to begin with, but it’s all relative. Unless you’re checking with a thermocouple or a PT100 sensor, it’s like numbers on a volume knob and yours might need to go to 11 :slight_smile:

Gotcha, I’ll try the temp change and print a little slower to see if it makes a huge difference. I have a feeling this may do the trick. I’ll post and update once I finish the print. Thanks for the suggestions :smiley:

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Is this a Flux spool, or does the spool lay flat in the spool tray? I’ve had more issues when I use a spool I bought elsewhere because it doesn’t fit well into the tray.

I’m using Hatchbox PLA for the transparent, it’s spooling freely on it’s own individual holder, since the spool is to big for the tray. I wish the top door of the tray had a small hole for the filament to go through to make it a cleaner look(First World Problems). The door comes off easily and I’m able to have the filament come in from the top with no issues having the extra.

Here is the green #3DBenchy made earlier, currently waiting on the new t-red version to finish for comparison.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/ede1478c0fbf2af5ae9353d5e8957312ee415092.JPG" width=“666” height=“500”

Keep an ear out for a “clicking noise”. When it does happen, it seems to happen about 1-5 times, but is kind of random otherwise. I noticed that I had the problem more significantly when I used a spool that didn’t fit into the spool tray. I think it’s the same issue is this - Broken feeding mechanism?

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What spool holder are you using for the big ones?

I was just about to design one.

Nothing special really. I call it “The Macgyver Special”. 2 extra book ends, chopped skewer sticks and zip ties. Hopefully I can find something nicer, but it does the job great.

This is before starting the first #3DBenchy

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