Touch compatible eventually?


I might be unique, but I find the software currently to already be fairly touch friendly for use on a tablet, and that’s how I’ve been using it to some degree. I think with some small improvements, the software could become really touch friendly.

Are there other people who would like to use the software like this?


Can you tell us more? What system, what screen… and I assume you mean FLUX Studio. Both Flux Studio and Sketchup seem natural for touch screens… I wish they were on my iPad Pro.


I have a touchscreen windows 10 device that I use. For the most part, much of it does work with touch, but there are a few things here and there that could use some improvement.


I would also love to be able to load and print and monitor from my iPad. It would be even faster to get a print started when I didn’t have to pull out my laptop. Of course, most of the time this won’t be an issue, but I was away from home yesterday and took the printer with me. My Macbook was plenty handy, but my iPad would have been great for this purpose. Count my vote for touch screen capable software!


The original Kickstarter video mentioned a mobile app. I don’t know if that was part of the initial plan, if it’s intended for a future release, or if it was a stretch goal that was never attained, but I’d enjoy that sort of functionality as well.


I’m not talking a mobile/iPad app. I’m talking making the current Flux Studio touch friendly. Many new Windows computers, especially those with Windows 10, are becoming touch screen. The interface makes it feel touch friendly, but it’s not quite there.

To me, the apps are higher priority, but I would love to see the Windows version become more touch friendly eventually.


They won’t be the same presentation, but a lot of the back end and same design considerations will be at play. That was my point.


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