Toolhead dying. Filament Motor/Gear feed dying


So I need a new printhead. After 919 hours, it is now printing like crap. It is also leaking PLA into the head body. I have cleaned it often, but it has gotten bad. Yes, I replaced the nozzle, and tightened it well. The filament feeder motor and its gears are shot. The white feeder tube is broken.

Now the bad news… The printhead is ALWAYS out of stock. No place that I can find to get a new filament feeder motor and its gears. Is the company still in business? Do they still support the Delta? Seems all the resources have gone to their newest toys.

Am I alone with these issues?


For the filament leaking into the print head problem, try tightening the print nozzle after heating the print head to about 210 degrees C. If you just tighten the cold nozzle, unmelted filament keeps the nozzle from making a tight seal.

As for the filament 2mm ID/4mm OD Bowden tube, I have bought that on Amazon in the past. I don’t know what to due about the filament drive motor. Maybe try a support email and request a part that way.

Good luck,
Dave Casler


Not to revive a dead thread but I literally just went through this last week. After scaling gear sizes from the upgrade video I found out the “upgraded” filament feeder had approximately a 7.5mm drive gear. I installed the feeder listed below. I cut the original motor mount to hold it with the motor slightly angled so the Bowden tube was angled out a little. This required some cutting to the inside top of the machine to fit. I glued the filament sensor on top of the arm(I considered deleting it). The final hardware mod was swapping the motor wires in the plug on pins 1 and 2 to reverse the motor direction. Software wise this allowed me to click the extruder upgrade and a little experimentation I set the material_flow in advanced settings to 95. I also set the retraction distance to 10 instead of 8 and that really helped with stringing.

Head wise barring failure of the proprietary circuit board, the rest of the head is basically a replaceable ptfe tube inside(smaller diameter than the Bowden tube) and the nozzle. The heater and thermistor look pretty standard too.
Hopefully this can help someone revive their dying Delta!
It took a little work but it prints great again


Almost forgot the pic. Btw support didn’t have any info on parts or specs when I emailed them since they discontinued support…