The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


Flux is my first printer. I have a lot of trouble on printing with a high quality and complex model. Flux printer is good but Flux Studio is not quite there yet. Flux won’t invest their development on a slicer engine but Flux will integrate the open source to its printer for cost. In my opinion, 3D software is played a important role with the printer. I need the software that can edit, view gcode, view cross section, repair a model and and etc and more importance is slicer engine. SimplifIy 3D has all the features and easily to use. I’ve been used S3D for 3 months and here are the results:


Almost a 100% result with the basic Flux studio (most recent upgrade)

Just her one hand here got away from the supports

Very pleased with this but I did print it on a raft…

Which did not separate well for some reason.

So it will not stand flat and rocks around.

My massive failure print

I left it in the studio to print over the weekend as the estimate was 35 hours.

It obviously lost supports for a lot of the legs at some point early in the print job.

And I ran out of material… This is one that I need. I am using only the FLUX branded spools and 500grams does not go all that far. I am printing a lot of these states etc at the maximum build limits. Usually 210mm tall etc.

This is supposed to be a ring but prints really poorly as a ring size I think because it is hollow.

Also it is impossible in my experience to get a ring to stick to the build plate with such a small footprint. Even with a raft.

Theses layers area mess. I flipped the ring around and used supports so it would have the most surface area connecting with the build plate. Some of the layers are totally off. But then it fixed and the face of the tiger is pretty perfect.


Any chance you can post the gcode for the Hercules one in particular?


Here you go. Happy printing.


Here are the team badges from pokemon go!


Dice Tower made in Solidworks


thats awesome!! Great Job!!!


Can you provide a link to the model? I really like this one.


Another good print


That is amazing! Any thought on printing it with BronzeFill?


Very nice and clean.



Nice one @Mesak! That’s a lot of dedication to a mouse :slight_smile:

I’m a 100% trackpad user, which would not make as nearly an interesting design…

While I can’t read the text, I enjoyed looking at the progression with all the pics. It really reminds me of the Walkers in Metal Gear Solid V.

Very cool!



From the picture, it does not seem like a big difference in quality between the three. Looks great!!


Agreed! Makes you think twice about choosing a higher resolution when a lower one will suffice in many cases. It’s also a testimony to what the FLUX delta is capable of.


You should enlarge and look closely. Look at groot’s lips. HQ has detail-lines that the others do not. LQ has striations that MQ does not. In most cases I will choose MQ. But sometimes LQ may be okay. However, I am more impressed now than ever before with the LQ. Won’t use it often…but I will use it sometimes.


Yep…I print at ‘medium quality’ settings most of the time. My point was not to choose low quality automatically on the FLUX because of time constraints but to consider your ultimate desired outcome…because it’s all a trade off. We both agree that this printer gives a very nice result. :slight_smile:


It was always a dream of mine to have a small humanoid robot which I can program myself. Unfortunately they are quite expensive. Then I found MiniPlan-Robot, wich does not cost so much and can be programmed with Arduino. So my dream come true. :slight_smile:

After a total of 20h printing time and another 3h of assembling, my robot is finished. I’m realy impressed by the accuracy of the Flux Delta. Some printed parts are combined with ball bearings and they fit exactly.

If you want to know more about the robot and see it in action, you can find it on Facebook.

Here are some pictures from the printed parts, the electronics with servos and assembled in front of the Flux Delta.


Cool! How did you order the electronic parts? It seems the site/shop is not available to fullfil orders.