The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


after a print, what do you do to get rid of the scrapes form the print head? Do you wetsand them with high grit sandpaper?


Fun with Lithophanes. Made using this lithophane generator>

Top: A family lunch. Printed out at 136mm wide without it warping.

Middle: A challenge to put Brad Pitt on a shot glass produced this (using 123Design). It’s only a prototype - I made a bigger one as a gift. I am thinking of making similar ones out of the food safe PETT T-Glase I’ve found on Amazon.

Bottom: Not only is it dual colour but it’s also glow in the dark! I am thinking of constructing a lamp shade with this style of design.


That’s cool design. I like it. Thanks.


Thank you very much, this is absolutely cool. I love it :slight_smile:


Great job! I see that you have a statue of Connor from assassin’s creed don’t you? Would you mind scanning it please? I would very much like to print it :wink:


Great prints.

would you mind giving more detail on how to do that.

your supports look far superior to anything that I have come up with.



Here is my last complex print to test Flux printer and it shows impressive performance and precise detail on the model. Simplify3D is also excellent software. The gcode file is about 60MB and Flux embedded software takes about 10min to convert to fcode.


Yes I use Simplify3D software to generate the support structures; but about 40% of the support piles are manually added on while I can slice a model on z axis and look for a spot that needs to add.


I tried to figure out the full build height and tried 230mm, it reached 215mm so that is consistent with the claim in the Tested Makerfair Video
The model is fully hollow single perimeter print (S3D Vase mode) done with tips from the 3D printing Nerd

Next to it is the same model of the official full build height of 180 mm

Both took 4:11 to print


Can i ask where you found this model?


Link to model is in 3D printing nerd Youtube comments.



on thingiverse, but i cut it down myself because i wanted it bigger than 17cm high.


i haven’t had much luck with the scanner, so i already know it would end up looking terribly :confused: my best guess would be to find it online or something.


ok thanks anyway :).


But flux does the support automatically does it not? Is simplify3D better?


I’ve been tried the feature on Flux Studio (Slic3r), some times the support are hard to remove and some of the fine print will be broken off while removing a structure. FS doesn’t have manual adding support structure features in which the software might be missed on some overhang spot. With S3D, I’m able to print a complex structure with ease.


This looks really great.

I am still waiting on Flux PLA to arrive so I can print again.

I don’t really understand how to do the Simplify3D then how that works with Flux Studio or whatever. I will have to look at all the software later.

I have not updated the flux software since early May.


Name card (business card) desktop holder for my wife. We move away after 12 years in Taiwan and she wants to give these as gifts to her coworkers. I designed it in Sketchup and exported to STL after testing for manifold. 7 hours to print each one and I am on number 18 now.


Printed this little friend. It is fully articulated with 11 axis. I’m realy happy with the quality.
Sliced with Simplify3D. Had to put some extra supports.
Quality: 0.2mm
Duration: 2h 25min
STL from Thingiverse


This looks great! What type of paint did you use?