The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


try changing the retraction to a higher level. I have mine set at 7. Trial and error is the best thing.


I’m getting the following error when trying to slice the elephant stl. I’m running v0.3.5. Can somebody else try and see if this work in 0.3.5?



I printed 2 elephants with 0.3.4 and 1 today with 0.3.7 (using slic3r engine) without a problem. I skipped 0.3.5 as the changes were not important for my general use. But I have never seen the error you are getting, can it be due to some modified settings in the Expert mode? Do you get the same error if you reload the original presets?


Here are 2 of my first prints great printer. Needs a bigger bed. :slightly_smiling:


the whole stretch o houses is 7.5mm wide… there seems to be some distortion as the windows are not exactly in a grid… is it cos i’ve printed too small?


Honestly, it kinda looks nice like that. Although I understand the need to have it perfect but the end result looks nice.


Exactly what I was thinking…


After two trials and errors on leaning how to set best support structure on S3D, here is my third one of Bust of Medusa, I broke 3 small diameter (2mm diameter) while removing the support pillar and glue them back.

Here is my gcode file


Here another best print of Discobolus at The British Museum, London. Using support structure that’s generated on S3D, the fingers of the model are not broken while removing the supports.


That’s quite impressive!


Flux printer is awesome and it keeps printing a quality model. Again S3D supporting structure works quite well.


Can you share a link for the STL of both pieces that you have recently posted.


when u say supports by s3d, does tt mean u do not use flux studio to print?

because i’ve realised tt when i open stl files, they open w e windows default program which doesn’t detect my flux. just wondering if there’s any way around this. it’s not in my device manager either…


He uses simplify3d, which is a program to generate the code for the printer (gcode), then that file is copied to the printer using flux studio.


You can look them up from here


It’s my third test model and this time the top layer, which start from chest area is slightly shift; I think I should lubricate them every 20hrs print.


Nice and shiny, what kind of filament is it?


It’s Hatchbox PLA gold. The temperature sets at 200C.


Thanks, I may get some next…


my favorite dark souls character: Ornstein.

he stand 29 cm high and with a spear on 34 cm long, a total of 43½ printing hours, not including the time spent fiddling with the model and fail prints :stuck_out_tongue: