The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


Nope…I use that solvent to weld PLA parts together, but I haven’t tried to finish PLA with it.

The FLUX yellow PLA just turns out fairly shiny. The light reflection during the photo session also makes the models look smoother and shinier than they actually are. That said, the models printed very smoothly.


Thank you very much :slightly_smiling:


After a lot of adjusting and fine-tuning first layer height (0.4mm) and width (200%), plus z-offset, I was able to print my elephant friend on BuildTak with no warping/lifting. Bed calibration proceeded as it would with a bare build plate…no problems. Model removal after the job was complete was easy with a spatula. Also, I changed the minimum skirt length to 100 so that enough filament would be extruded to fully prime the hot end.


One of my best.


That’s awesome! Link please :smiley:


What are your support settings? :smiley:


wow very good print, how much time that print was?, and also I would like to try your profile in my printer to try to replicate those results. I’m having problems with the quality where I have supports and also with some fine details.


Great looking print!

Please explain what setting width to 200% does. Also, how did you set first layer height to .4mm? I thought it only went up to .35? What did you set your z-offset too? Did you use another slicer or Flux3D?


Did you slice that using Slicer3D?


I used FLUX Studio. You have to go to the expert tab which is found in the advanced settings. There you will find a huge listing of settings that can be changed, and that is where I made my adjustments. Setting the width to 200% of the nozzle diameter (which is 0.4mm) gives you a bigger extrusion which increases the probability of it sticking to the build plate. And yes, you can set the initial layer height to twice the normal layer height in this tab as well. My normal layer height for recent prints is 0.2mm, so I set the initial height to 0.4mm. The Slic3r wiki talks about the benefits of a first layer of double the normal layer height and width with regards to adhesion. This has been borne out in my experience.

For my particular situation with the BuildTak and all, my z_offset worked out to be 0.015. I started at 0.1 and adjusted downward until my prints didn’t warp. Your mileage may vary, so you’ll have to experiment to get the optimum value for your setup.


I tried a version of this model. I load into Flux Studio and it’s fine. When I go to preview I get the “Uh-Oh” error. Where did you download this model from?




Not as impressive as others in this thread. But I’m very happy with it.
Sliced with Simplify3D.

STL from Thingiverse


Here is the link


Here is my fff profile on S3D

Or my gcode which is generated by S3D


I did slice with S3D and with custom support structures.


It took 8 hrs of printing. Here is my fff profile on S3D

Or my gcode which is generated by S3D


thanks for the profile


printed on high quality. anyone happen to know why it came out w strands all over?


if you print with too high temperatures it might cause the strings.