The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


Yeah. That sounds like the right amount of time, especially at that resolution. Printing something about the size of a men’s ring takes 10-15 minutes, so just multiply that all out.


First thing I did when I received my printer. Bag Tag on leather, back filled with silver paint.


It takes me upwards to two hours of restarts to get past the auto-leveling error… But when I have the patience I can get past it and print nice things. I was selling my xbox 360 but could not find the batter case for the fourth controller. So, thanks to thingiverse, imprinted a new one.


a Volkswagen Golf VII, took about 11 hours on medium quality. Still tinkering with the settings since the areas that wasn’t on the plate became all loose and weird.

PS. the weels were printed by themselves and glued onto the car :stuck_out_tongue:


Volkie owner, I presume…

11 hours, how big is this thing? you probably had like a 20% infill or something like that. I can see it through the windows…honeycomb…

try 2-3% or increase the top and bottom layers to 4, 4 and perimeter to 2. You can even get away with 0% infill and increasing the perimeter to 3.

Now you are going to make me do my car…

Let the Car Wars begin…


no an order placed by my girlfriends driving teacher. The cars they use are a Volkswagen golf Vii and an Audi a3 which i’m modelling right now.

I used 18% infill and 220 degrees but close, it’s 15 cm end to end and took 11 hours on medium quality (high would have been 26 hours).

can’t seem to find the perimeter and such in settings or?


The Printer Test from Thingverse


Second try after changing my slicer to Simplify3D using the base profile by @Kevin_Anthony, the difference were very noticable. The print time is 1 hour 41 minute which is pretty fast on 0.15mm layer height. I’m very happy with the results overall. :smile_cat:


Glad to have helped. Looks great.

You might have to increase top layer a point or two. Gaps on the roof should be filled in but other than that, looks great.

Is that floatable??


Hi also wanted to show off some nice results.

And 100% score in Cork laser engraving

Anyone knows what the artifact is attached right side to my latest print i’ve seen it
before in some prints but now i start to wonder what it is a taiwan present bug…


I got the top half of the thingiverse T Rex skull done in 11 hours.

I am happy with the result.

The base and lower jaw seem to be just inside the build limits but I can’t get the machine to accept the print job.

Any ideas?


Pull the skirt in to 1mm or eliminate it. That’s how I get big prints. You need to finger-push the filament just before the print actually starts so as to get the melty bits going.

Nice print! No supports? Really cool then.


No supports, just that little bit where the print starts…


raft off

skirt - advanced settings?



Yes. Skirt distance.


everything about the supports are off as well as the skirt is also off.


Thats really a very nice model, i also printed it already :slight_smile:


did you use supports for the lower jaw?

I tried without and it all came loose after a couple hours of printing.

Trying again now with supports. It is about 50% done now.


Yep it floats but it doesn’t stay upright as the bottom is too light (i think). Can’t wait to play around with the settings when I’m back home. Thanks for the tip!


No problem. I’m new too with 3D printing but what ever information i can give to help, I have no problem doing since this community is extremely helpful as it is.

For the rest ----- I had to post my dino - Terminator Rex.

Unfortunately, he ate some bad copper wires and got cavities. Teeth all messed up, but still came out okay…was 1 of my first prints and it took about 12-14 hours ( I think). I bet I can probably do that half the time and much better.


Had to redo the lower jaw today with supports.

Studio seems to give approximate times, it kept telling me there was only 10 minutes left for about 30 minutes. I suppose it was because of the teeth being fine work.

So total printer time I think worked out to 15 hours give or take half an hour.

Used about half a spool of white PLA though. I am thinking I should have ordered at least 10 spools if I keep this up.

I did order extra spools I think but not arrived yet.