The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


Finally got a good and usable print

StormTrooper Resculpt ( by Geoffro

Why was the stl black when I loaded it into flux studio?

That is odd. I thought.

I let the print run overnight.

Print was finished which was great. I have had a number of overnight prints pause for odd reasons… Really random because I could restart them without any problem.

Finally the supports work. This is something I was having a huge issue with until now.

The raft and supports peels off well.

By far the best print and best detail I have gotten ever.

This model was filled which seems to make a massive difference.

The bottom will need some cleaning up, it is in way better condition than I have come to expect though.


Any suggestions on tweeps for future prints.

I am going to try to make a mold so I can do casting. That is the next step now that I have a useable print.


Wow! You went really solid on that one! I’ve never seen anyone crank up then number of shells & layers so high :slight_smile:
You could decrease the raft layers from 4 down to 1 since you are using supports. 1 layer of raft is more than enough for your supports to stick to, having another 3 layers is just extra stuff making a bit of that mess underneath.

As far as Support Settings, I have also found that ‘Lines’ makes for much easier removal than ‘Grid’ as long as you get them to stick at the beginning, which you did.

You got a nice print! You could probably cut first layer height from .4 down to .2 as well. Generally, first layer is no more than double your layer height. That could also account for some of the bottom ‘stickiness’, but looks like it will sand off easily anyway.

The only other suggestion I have is maybe to rotate it forward a little bit if you print it again so that the layer lines are more aligned with the print and working with you. This could be especially handy if you are making a mould as then you wouldn’t have to sand as much, they would kind of just blend right in. Of course, this would increase support height at the back but probably worth it overall.



Dragon brother (50% scale, 0.3mm nozzle and 0.1mm layer height …


Nice! this topic has been off for a long time :slight_smile:

can you share the link to the file?


That dragon is awesome. It even has little pointy teeth. Nice print!


Gorgeous print Luan, what filament is that?


It’s Hatchbox filament.


I have printed this:

I am extremely happy with my delta.
Flux branded red filament, sliced with S3D, high quality.


Shrinked down version of:
My goal was to use the smallest brushless motors I could find


Oh that just made my day.


A cat I made for a friend at work…


All this artistry really impresses me … all I do is stupid “rapid” prototyping of unimpressive plastic parts in order to test-assemble new designs in my customer projects 8-(.
Meanwhile, I seem to prevail in the ongoing struggle with frequently clogged nozzles (I fixed my clogged nozzle!).

First, I switched back to the original Flux (black) filament - the silverish filament from esun3d I used had the tendency to melt anywhere but not where it is intended to. Then I had to reassemble the print head which I massively cut free of deformed plastic from the latest meltdown and omitted the top cover.

In the outcome I now have my first real thread working!
Technically it is a metric MF22x1.0 and after some fine tuning of its diameter it now works perfect with a brass nut of the same size:

Btw., as one can see the thin wall above the thread has a flaw where the printer reverses at the same point in each layer. Is there a way to prevent this eventually and make it continue without reversing in some “vase mode”?


Shrink me if you can…


@edefault I hear you, I do a lot of prototyping too, lately a lot… Threads are one of the hardest things to print accurately.

Vase mode sometimes works exactly how you want it to, depending on the model and the print orientation. Another thing that works if you have Simplify3D is play around with the Randomize Start Points function, so that it is not always reversing in the same place.


I do have Simplify3D, but I regarded it as too uncomfortable to do the setup there, then export to gcode and re-import into FLUX Studio - or have I missed eventually that the Flux Delta printer can be addressed directly from S3D?
Obviously it is in the list of supported printers, but I didn’t manage to really print from S3D yet, even with Flux’ magic USB adaptor instead of WiFi.

About the vase mode: I figured out that for thin-walled (1.5 - 2.5mm) parts - to-be industriallly molded plastic parts always are of this type - it s a good idea to have surface thickness in FLUX Studio reduced to only one instead of 3 or more, and let the infill be rather dense (e. g. triangles, >50%). That makes the part a bit more brittle but evades the problem of vertical delamination.

The MF22x1 thread worked fine after varying its core diameter in 0.1mm steps until it worked with the nut without much backlash. Attempt number five was the successful one…


If you are using Cura or Slic3r engines in FS for slicing, in the Expert mode, try changing the “seam_position = aligned” to “seam_position = random”, maybe that can help. Another option is “nearest” but don’t know if that will be better. More info on seam here:

In Cura2, you have to change “z_seam_type = shortest” to “z_seam_type = random” but Cura2 does not work since FS v0.8.3. You can find more on Cura2 here:


By virtue of the fact that the printer has been out of the box for exactly 12 hours as of the time of this post (not set up…just out of the box, laid out on floor to match the quick start guide and make sure I knew what was where during setup - a tricky endeavor with a boyfriend and two cats one of whom thinks he’s a dog - they were locked out of the office space):

The tutorial cube! (Which I may lose to a coworker if I’m not careful…)

I have also printed the bracket for Jim’s spool holder and the rod part of the holder is printing right now.

So far we had one of the magnets let go during a calibration, because the usb cable wasn’t in the head properly (which we promptly figured out when we got the printer head error and the forum got us straightened out there in about 2 seconds, we’ve had no error and no separations since), and then we had a clog with a weird yellow filament (assuming from the QA process?) which the instructions on the help desk worked perfectly for getting cleared up in a couple minutes. The wifi took a bit of finicking with but is working now and I’m an idiot and didn’t open the camera and at first went “why are you just showing black???” (which was the point where we decided to let it print, take a break and find some food for the diabetic programmer with no brain cells left).

The mobile app is working great.

The only thing you guys did NOT prepare me for? It is crazy hard to pick up the magnetic mat from the metal build plate when you have long nails…I am going to break one at some point.

So far no cracking or scratching on the two prints I’ve done (I’m being very very gentle removing the prints), I did use my cricut spatula very gently to lift the end of a skirting piece on the spool bracket so I could get it off and it worked lovely. The angle of the cricut spatula works nicely for that.


Part of being the female geek of the family (at least in North America) is that your family wants to encourage you…and is often very confused by pretty much everything that you find exciting in existence.

Which means any time you get a new toy there are the inevitable of question of “so…what exactly are you going to do with it?” (and trust me when I say “organize all of my board games” and “print out D&D figurines” is just going to leave them a lot more confused than when we started the conversation…).

  • So about a third of my time so far has been printing out things for the printer.
  • About a third of my time has been spent printing out board game organizers and D&D figurines (both the partner I live with and myself are gamers…we actually have five copies of some games between the two of us…sigh. Board game geeks shouldn’t move in together. They should either live together and THEN become board game geeks or they should maintain separate residences…it would just be easier).
  • And about a third of my time has been spent printing things my darling loved ones will “understand”.

Hence…My 2 year old nieces new Piggy Bank. :smile:

The next niece or nephew is due in about two weeks or so, and I don’t like sending presents for one child without things for the other!


I made a lion king for my child, he love it very much, a simple 3d printing production :grinning:


great print quality!