The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


Hmm, not sure what to print today, better jot down some ideas…


ohh my… god that’s awesome, how did you achieve the wave design at the wood end of the pencil?


I’ll post full pics in FB so you can see how it was done.


Did some laser engraving today using FS 0.8.1 and images converted to svg from a WW2 airplane dingbats font. These 2.2mm chipboard pieces are 4.5" x 5" in dimension and each engrave took between 10 and 15 minutes.


Now I am finally going to have to pull that laser out of the box. These are cool!



These are amazing! Where did you get the files?


I made a trophy room a while ago for engraving. For those of you which are interested in some more engravings.


These are from a dingbat font (which is a vector not a bitmap) which was converted to a svg file. Check out websites like and 1001fonts for dingbat fonts.


Thanks for reminding me…I had totally forgotten.


Scan the world

The real name of the STL is lost to me. It is part of the 3 graces series.

I have it because I want to recreate it with models to photograph.

I printed it last year. Probably around now. There was issues with the base warping and the supports were very difficult to remove.

This time I did it:

x: 149.14mm
y: 61.1mm
55h 1m (I left it all weekend)

High quality
raft off
support on
printing - 200
first layer - 230
Infill - Automatic 34

This is the first large print after the upgrade (still using some white PolyPlus from last year)

I was impressed to the see the print was actually done. This is the first time in a long while that I have a finished print of this size. Pre-upgrade everything would warp off and fail.

Supports seemed to have worked well enough and really easy to break off by hand.

Based is really clean and no wobble when I put it on the desk.

The hand had an issue.

Both of the far ends hands

Stringing and some other issues

It seems to me that for someone who does not know about all the little details this is now something that works pretty well “out of the box”.

I have to figure out something about the supports and other things but I am pretty happy with the results for now.


@TKC did you happen to see the discussion about how to use the Calibration Chart?



Really nice work @William_Ishiwata! A few minor settings to dial in and you’ll have it perfected. @goldensnake is really good at printing these statue type models and might have some tips for you.

Your prints “out of the box” are already way better than some recent ones I have seen on YouTube :wink:

For anyone interested in this file, all of the STLs from the Scan The World project are available on and it is continually growing as they are always adding more to the collection.


Which calibration chart? :sweat_smile:


The one in FLUX Studio when you are in the Engraver Module.

In Advanced Settings, there is a button to Load Calibration Chart, which you can then print as a test on the material and use to make adjustements. The question is, where/how do you use that data from the chart? If one line looks perfect and that is -0.2, where do you enter the -0.2?


Oh you silly Booze… you enter it in the Expert => Advanced Settings… oh, wait… there aren’t any! proclaim… GET TO WORK ON THEM!!! :sweat_smile: :laughing:

(and yes, I omitted the @ as Jim don’t need me drawing his attention to me using his name in vain just for a bad joke :open_mouth: )


LOL, that’s just it, there are only two settings there to adjust, Speed and Power, so which do you adjust based on reading from the chart?


I have never used that chart :joy:
If i am lasering something i just try some settings and if they dont work on that material try some other. It depends to much on the picture and material to use that chart in my opinion.


I haven’t print the model yet. For my previous print, I have to slide a model on z axis and find hanging point, then manually place a support column in S3D.


I printed a baby groot and painted it. It was my first time painting something like that and i think it came out awesome. The print itself had some qualiti issues but that is no longer visible after painting.


Nice! That is such a fun model to do.