The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


Thats so amazing😍
Where did you get the stl files from? And what kind of leds did you use?


Extremely impressive work with the arc reactor, thats really very cool!


I put my thought for awhile on how to print the shell and …


How many shells did you slice it with?

Sorry :slight_smile: I couldn’t resist.


Not at all @Jimustanguitar :smile: I’m slicing a fiddle crab right now and will be post it later.


Can’t wait to see how you’ve fiddled with it!


Nice work :smiley:
Is the support structure generatet with flux studio? If so, what settings did you use?


I used Simplify3D slicer. Here is the gcode file


You may try to print it hollow for less filament consumption. I already made much of hollow prints with very good results.
Nice model, can you also upload the factory file?


I set 10% infill on the model. Here is a factory file


Fooling around with the laser engraver today… default settings… latest FS and firmware… measured the wood thickness with calipers. The mandalas are svg vector files and the storm trooper is a raster image.


Very nice and clean job, do you remember how long it took for each engravings?


The raster storm trooper took 1hr55min and the vector mandalas took about 20-30min each.


I used(3mm 1.5v white led *4 ) on mid,and (12white +12blue)on the circle .
I use this
Stl file and edit myself


Could you share your edited one?:smirk: I want to learn 3d editing but i am not really good at the moment :sweat_smile:


I got cork coasters for Christmas and here is my first burn. Using a .jpg image, cork material settings and 5.5mm height it took 3 hours. If anyone else has burned into cork did you do anything to prevent smudging if it gets touched or wet?


Happy New Year! Hatchbox copper PLA…


What’s the color of a filament? It looks nice.


Hatchbox copper PLA…


I’ve just tried the Hatchbox wood filament with great success.