The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


Happy New Year! Hatchbox copper PLA…


What’s the color of a filament? It looks nice.


Hatchbox copper PLA…


I’ve just tried the Hatchbox wood filament with great success.


I know this one is quite unspectacular and still far from perfect … but it is the first part of real use I made, and will join a linear drive with some sheetmetal assembly instead of a part made from aluminum.

Notice the entries for hex nuts inside the bore which can not easily be produced through mold flow technique.
It is especially designed for - and only available with - generative methods :slight_smile:


I guess I’m long overdue to post some stuff here.

Been working on a lot of Marvel and video game stuff lately, so here’s a finished Baby Groot made with ColorFabb Bamboo Fill, and a massive 45+ hour Hulk project still in progress, printed with natural PLA as it will be fully painted anyway.


That mini groot looks amazing :smiley:


Here i some of my recent projects that turned out great.

An AEP7 laser pistol from Fallout 3 ( )

And Laser cutting carton papir

And this educational clock ( )


Love that Learning Clock, great idea!

How long did it take to paint the Fallout pistol?


the pistol took around 50 hours to print. The paint, eletronics and assembly took around 8-10 hours. I didnt stress with it. It was a gift project for my brother for christmas so it took me most of december.

The clock really made it fun for my kids to get a relationship to time.


That is awesome! You’ve hit on the same things that for me I really didn’t forsee but enjoy so much about 3D printing. Making stuff for family and friends, I’m thinking about doing a pistol from Destiny for a friend, and have found myself doing all kinds of projects or parts of projects for my kids school.

The schools here are pushing STEM hard, so I push the kids hard. I insist I will not just print ‘stuff’ and they call it a project. I’ll print whatever they want as long as it is part of their project or they can describe it or explain how it fits into the bigger picture of STEM. It’s been a great time this school year watching the creative minds at work.


Finally got around to finishing this guy last week.

Posted a fun timelapse to YouTube tonight too.

Amazing what the FLUX can do that other printers really struggle with.


I should be all set for St. Valentine’s Day



FLUX Delta & Delta+

What will you make today?

My greatest work yet! @proclaim surely this will get me that TestFlight invitation? :grin:



@(Sponge Bobl), I found your new house!!!


Patrick Star Time-lapse video on FLUX Delta


Something two crow about! The left one is a low quality print I did a month ago and the right one is a medium quality print done after sanding my magnetic rings. I’m just glad to have it working again.


Nice! Great to be up and running again.