The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!


Looks like the first printers are arriving now! Show us pics of your best prints!

With the new tool heads were printed groot

Well, I don’t know if first batch backers saw this post,
but one of the backer posted on their public Facebook fanpage,
so I just link it here as well as do joint advertise for them :wink:

SADFACE is a company in Boise, Idaho that is centered around the community. We provide audio services such as recording, audio for events, and musicians.


Well, this definitely isn’t going to be my best print, but it is my first!




Nice! Quite a meta post from the waffle printer! I’m sure there will be some scratched heads for this one, lol! :yum:

Also, that tower is friggin awesome man! What scale is that mini? 28mm? If so, that’s huge and even more awesome!


The tower is indeed 28mm scale. I sell the .stl files at drive under the name Michael The Haggard. I used to sell paper models, but now I will sell .stl files as well. I am working on the expansion pack now.

The waffle was printed in white PLA then airbrushed with COPIC ink’s Marker Airbrush. The PLA holds Copic ink very very well. Then sprayed with Winsor and Newton fixative just to keep it preserved. it was for a cafe’ that will put it in the window.


Hey, Glad you wrote that. I did a search for game scenery and didn’t see a lot. I have an acct on drivethurpg though. so will watch what you have there. Thanks!


LOL, sorry @Michael_Haggard. I forgot where I was posting there for a minute. I was recalling a post I saw on the 3d printing subreddit:

Hence, the "meta " comment. I actually believed it was really a waffle and therefore a clever reference to that post! Amazing paint job there though. I really gotta get/learn how to airbrush. (Don’t tell my wife I want to pick up ANOTHER hobby!)


The Copic ink system is great. Useless for styrene plastic and metal models but seems to be useful for PLA models!


I’ve got several prints i’m proud of but my favorite so far has to be the reduction gear:

Ran at full speed on a 12v power drill with no signs of wear. I’m working on a MUCH bigger brother to it now which will turn out to be my biggest print to date: I’ll post pictures once I’m done with it.


That’s awesome. I am considering printing the calipers and micrometer. Those only have one moving threaded part and I am anxious about it. Bravo!


The 28mm building came out really nice. I’m not into the 28mm scale, but 1:18, and stuff like this – sets, props, vehicles, etc – is what I use my printers for. Really like your results.


Lightsaber and stand: printed in parts, assembled, and painted.


Finally finished my transmission print! Here is a (very) short video of it in action (only two of the 6 forward and 1 reverse gears are shown). additionally here are some closer photos:


My best print so far i think:


I designed and made a replacement knob for my van! Designed it myself in 123D Design with a classic “chicken head” design. Finishing and paint will be next.

Here it is on Thingiverse


Hi All, this is from Scan the world


aiming for utility, my latest print also shows off (sorta) the convenience of the Fleks3D build plate:

The overhang area printed quite well in medium resolution. I had a bobble near the bottom with low res testing, and it’s slightly visible here too, but nothing of any great concern. The oval holes could have been a problem, but precision isn’t an issue here either.

One surprise, a pleasant one, is that my physical measurements of the acrylic on which this part will attach nearly match perfectly the print. There may be a half a millimeter here and there, but I’m happy enough with it to not pin it down that tightly.


My first printing, after a few tests. It was taken from Thingiverse.

The printing went generally well, however I think there’s something wrong: it took me 7.5 hours! and you can see it’s not very big and with no filling, only 18 gr.
I used the default setting with High Quality. Is this normal? I can’t imagine how many hours would take to print something like a real skull.

Any advices?