The Trophy Room: Show us your best engravings!


There is one for printing and one for scaning. So why not for engraving?
My first real engravings were on cork and i think they look really awesome.

The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!

I have a 6L water tank so i wanted to engrave the top with water in a lot of languages. including dragoon from skyrim :stuck_out_tongue:


I engraved a picture of my cat.


For my soon to be pensioned colleague.


Here are a couple of etchings at different heights. I have not had any luck getting the shading function to work correctly but I still get good results most times on most materials. It would be great if in future builds if there could be an accommodation for inputing simple elevation points across a design to maximize the utility of the laser engraving function. This would also be a helpful feature in the drawing function as well. Just imagine the potential for it! Yes, my kids love Studio Ghibli.


Here are some of my engravings… I don’t know why, but in all my engravings the middle part is whiter, less burned.



These look great. What file format are you using?


Thank you :slight_smile:

The circular pattern is gif, the rest is jpg.




very nice. what is that material btw?


Wood. For the stamp it’s rubber. Left the rubber on the base and ran the laser etching twice.


More gifts for people as I leave Taiwan.


I had some fun with the laser this morning.

Somekind of domestic softwood… Not really sure what it is. Maybe cedar or cypress

15mm material

full power at the fastest travel setting

Not too bad.

First pass completed…

Did not move it.

I think the 2 passes seemed to work better than a slower single pass that I used previously.

less smoke anyway.