TestFlight 1.1.1 Update


Not sure if FLUX Team is trolling or not.

Got an email as well as a notification on my phone from the TestFlight app about a 1.1.1 update to the FLUX App.

I though Hooray! They finally fixed it! Jumped right to it and ran the update. Nope. Not fixed at all. Still does not connect to the machine at all. My phone, my Delta, my router are all in the same room, all on the same network, all signed in. The Delta is “Bound” to the account. The app just says ‘retrieving’ forever. It reports that the camera is on, but shows nothing.

I thought, hmm, maybe a fresh install would be better, so I completely deleted the FLUX app, rebooted my phone, and went back into TestFlight. Sure enough, this time instead of saying update, now it said Install. So Install I did.

No dice. Exact same nothing.

Going into Settings and checking the About section shows that it does not install version 1.1.1 it still installs 0.5 beta. Which still does not work.

Come on FLUX Team, you guys can do better than this.


Yeah, well, it also says copyright 2016 but it’s now 2017… so your point is? :stuck_out_tongue: The about screen doesn’t mean anything, as it has to be manually updated. And as you can see, there is no connection between the version number in testflight, and the one in the app :wink:

I also got that ‘update’, and the testflight version has updated to 1.1.1. It says in the testflight app that 1.1.1 ‘fixed internal server error’… but I thought it had already been fixed. This could simply be a refresh of credentials, as the app expires every 60 days so needs to be renewed.

Actually, it could be to fix the camera rotation on the new upgrade kit, just booted my flux up, and connected via the app, and the camera automatically rotated after a second or two, and is showing the full height. Nice!

Edit: Using a iPod Touch 5G


@proclaim: The latest version of the mobile app has the right orientation for the camera but only shows 1/2 of the camera image on my iPads, 12" and 9". The right side of the image is totally black. On my iPhone 6, the image shows correctly, no black side!


I thought my point was clear.

It does NOT work. At all. Period. Full stop.

The rest of the post pointing out an apparent lack of attention to detail that may or may not help in resolving the problem.


Well it works for me (and mc_ott by the looks of it, although it seems to have some iPad issues)… I’m looking at the camera and scan status right now from the testflight v1.1.1 Flux app. Sorry if the poked tongue wasn’t enough of an indication of sarcasm as to the accuracy of the about page contents :wink:


the APP is not perfect and requires couple tweaks and updates. We’ll focus on this soon once the auto test procedures are finished.

also, FLUX is now official on App Store now. This way everyone should be able to get it without request.

happy creating !


Congrats on getting into the App Store! That’s an accomplishment someone should be proud of!  can be difficult.


Thanks for bumping the thread where this was mentioned… I’d forgotten which thread it was. The full name for the iOS app on the Apple Store is “FLUX: Made for Creativity”… so typing “FLUX: m” will get it to pop up in the search auto-complete :wink:

Nice to see it more readily available… congrats on getting past the ‘Apple approved’ tests…