Test Flight with new Flux software


It works and I’m able to access to SD card folder that means I can print a preload a fc file from the iPhone…


Will there be an update for Android as well?


I was able to install the newer version this morning. Thank you


I’m jealous. I can’t even get invited to the Catch 22.


Oooh. It’s working with my Ipad and my Iphone now were as previously I could not start the Ipad app without another invite code. Thanks!


Anyone wants to join the testing, please send request through our help center!

The Trophy Room: Show us your best prints!

Today I have a “You have no machine connected” message on Flux for iOS. I check back on Flux Studio and some how my cloud account is signed out. I sign-in and binding then Flux app still have problem to find the printer. It was working yesterday night.


I’ll check the error with Simon, thank you goldensnake.
Is anyone encounter the same issuel?


What does “Correcting” mean?


I think that’s a typo, it should be “calibrating”, we will correct this soon!


Woo hoo!!!

Thanks @proclaim

Very cool, now I can remote monitor my FLUX.

I did not realize the app actually lets you remote start print jobs too, that is a very cool feature! Not something I would use all the time, as usually I want to be around or close by for the start, but for those small or repeat jobs that you know will print just fine, that is very handy!

Nice work again FLUX Team!

Some notes on these photos:

Image 1: The first is my very first connection to the machine (I manually moved the toolhead to see how quickly the camera view was updating to phone).

Images 2 & 3: Started this print job completely remotely from across the house using only my phone. (It’s the stems from the PPAP apples I made yesterday) Opened SD card from phone, browsed to Recent, found small job to test and clicked Start. Cool!

Image 4: Print complete.

Notice the bug yet? Image 1 & 4 we can see the whole print bed, while 2 & 3 get cropped.

When it is printing, the extra data/status bar pushes a good portion of the camera view frame off the bottom of the screen. It’s just a spacing/formatting issue, there is plenty of blank/unused space above the status bar and below temp data. Nothing is getting lost, just getting cropped out because of formatting.

Still very cool for a beta app, you guys are really doing well.

Ultimately, I think for me personally the greatest use case will be the ability to leave the house during long print jobs and have some peace of mind by being able to check in on the FLUX, as well as being able to hit stop if it decides to make pasta or chewing gum instead of my print.


Glad to know that it’s working for you and is helping you to enjoy more about FLUX. I’m very grateful for your feedback and I did anticipate this problem already. We’re getting things ready for FLUX Delta+, one cool feature would be controlling FLUX directly using USB (woohoo!)



Talking of starting a saved Recent.fc file, I just started my last one from file using my phone and it calibrated normally but at the end of the calibration the head went up to the home position and bounced of the switches. Does anybody else’s do this? I am concerned that this re-homing will invalidate the calibration


I have a problem earlier that Flux iOS app can’t find the machine. I sign out, sign in on FS but still can’t find the machine on Flux app. Last step is I power cycle the printer then Flux app is connected with the printer.


It’s calibration routine.


Should Flux app need a refresh button to update a current status after a iPhone is back from stand by mode?


@goldensnake, I did notice sometimes you have to go into ‘about’ or ‘machine’ or some other menu setting to get it to refresh


Yes you’re right but one button will save us a few steps, just kidding.


That or the ‘pull down’ refresh mechanism that a lot of mobile apps have…


the pull down is something we have in mind. thank you all for the feedback =)