SVG not engraving as vector


Hello, I have a Beamo laser engraver. I am creating very basic text in AI and saving as SVG, creating outlines for text. When importing into beamo software, it won’t engrave as a vector (lines), but rather a bitmap with pixels. Help please?? Thank you


I’ve had a similar problem with the FLUX Delta+ studio. It insists on filling in an SVG outline, and printing in raster mode rather than vector mode.
I hope you have better luck eliciting support from Beamo support than I have had from Delta+ support.


You might try the Beamo Facebook page. I am waiting for my Beamo, but earning a lot about the issues others have had there. It is the Beambox & beamo Desktop Laser Engraving/Cutting group.


I’m not sure if I have your “solution.” But with lots of experimenting and going down dead-ends I discovered that true-type fonts are generally a vector outline with a “fill” internal. So the letter “i” is actually a graphic with a certain width and in between the left and right boundaries is the “fill”. If you convert fonts to curves AND the font was a solid color, then you likely had a vector outline and a raster “fill”. And in some circumstances, the vector outline also becomes part of the raster fill. What I have done is to use just outline font printing (so in my graphics I select the outline of the font as a solid line, usually 1 pixel, .35mm, or .014" thick, and with the “fill” being null (transparent). I have yet to find a font that is entirely 1 pixel in stroke for the entire “width” of the character so I have simply vector line and no “width” to fill. I’m sure such a font must exist. So, this brings about a corollary challenge. Lets say you want to put a wide solid black oval around your graphic. If you simply put two ovals and fill between them or if you make an oval with a really wide stroke you will end up with the slow-poke raster approach. However, I’ve been able to draw, for example, 5 ovals of identical shape, each one 1 pixel bigger (taller/wider) than the one before it, and then have the 5 ovals align centers & middles. This results in 5 fast vector graphic cuts and with some slight tweaking, makes a very dark/solid oval without the forever raster engraving. In the wrong material this is not a good choice because it creates significant heat/fire. If you do that and discard ovals 2 and 3 you get 3 very nice, very closely spaced vector ovals. Hope this helps someone and my leaps of logic are accurate.