Suggestion for for Laser Engraving

Currently when doing Engraving the toolhead retracts back to one side (left) and proceeds to engrave the next line of engraving.

If it’s possible could it be done to have the tool head work down in Y and Engrave from Right-to-Left making a zig-zag pattern instead of it’s current ‘brush stroke’ pattern?

i have an image kind of showing what im referring to

I feel as though if the toolhead followed this kind of toolpath for shading/engraving that it could speed up the processes (even if it was a few minutes) just curious if this has been talked about, or is in the works.


I have not done many engravings but I can see how that could dramatically reduce overall time. I can see that in some designs the power output would have to be inverted and reversed quickly, but that should not be that much of a problem.

I am quite curious about the answer too.

@proclaim Any information about bi-directional engraving patterns?

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Thanks for the reply, Bi-directional was the wording I was looking for. But yes, Im very interested on what kind of impact this would have on the engraving tool.

I feel as though it would at least improve the machine time even if there were a few ms delay for the tool head to make the second pass.

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I just came here to post a similar thread. I’m doing many batches of etchings and I believe bi-directional laser etching would shave about 30% off my print time. That’s a huge win when I have a few dozen batches to work through.

+1 vote for this feature.