Successful Wood Engraving


Managed to engrave my company logo into a spare piece of cedar that I had lying around. Came out really well!


Im laser engraving like a boss. This is some paint stiring sticks turned into gardening label sticks.


Looks awesome! How long did it take to engrave the sticks?


Great idea! I am going to steal it.


Well it depends on how much stuff is on the picture but about 1½ hours a pop. I can have two in there at a time so about 3 hours in between prints.


i’m going to borrow your idea noreflexness :smiley:


Where did you get the icons? I found some large popsicle sticks that look like they would work so I am going to give it a try.



Just googled carrot icon or vegstable icon or summink :slight_smile:


I ended up digging some up. I will post my results when I have finished my initial testing cycle.



@noreflexness Thanks for inspiration. Here are mine for my Mom’s Day gift.


That’s a great idea for a gift. Where did you find the wood for your’s as well as the images?


as @noreflexness wrote you can just google them like mint icon, basil icon and you should find similar.


Found them at Michael’s craft store. Jumbo Craft Sticks aka popsicle sticks. About $7 for 30. 23mm width. I varnished them afterwards as well. As for icons, as the others said, google. Took a bit of work in gimp to make it all come together. I really like the font (Journal) as well.


Awesome! I found these on Amazon,, and I’m going to try them. I didn’t think about sealing them afterward, but that’s a good idea!


I would recommend giving them a light sanding for splinters if they are anything like the ones I got. I am going to make some bookmarks out of them as well.


Really nice work…great inspiration!


I’ve have great success with both wood and paper.


Looks very nice. Question, do you just eye up the wood in the spot on the bed from the FS software and make a quick adjustment when the laser starts if it’s not centered etc. Or do you have some other method of setting it up?


Hey man! Typically I follow the grid template between the metal base and the software and have found it to be pretty accurate. I always give myself a bit of extra room on the graphic, but overall I’ve been very pleased.