Strong High Heat Filament?


One of my hobbies is working on my classic car and sometimes it’s hard to find the right part for a repair or modification, and sometimes this part needs to be close to the engine where higher heat is encountered. Is there any filament out that can be printed around 220 degrees and can be cured to withstand higher temperatures while retaining strength?




According to this article, the PLA shouldn’t melt at least at the temperatures that a car runs -

The temperature when working with filaments is in Celsius, not Fahrenheit. 200 C is almost 400 F.


Ah, yes, that makes sense, I was thinking the filament was melting at 220 F not C… As long as the filament is not on the exhaust headers I should be fine.


It does look like PLA does start melting around 150 C / 300 F. So, it depends on how close you’re getting it, but it may not be as rigid as it gets warmer.


I made some mosquito traps out of PLA, and the hot sun in August softened them enough to make the brackets droop slightly…

The ambient air temperature isn’t the max temperature that something will encounter, it’s actually the minimum. Things are only ambient in the shade :slight_smile: and direct sunlight gets pretty toasty. Combine that with the greenhouse effect inside of a car’s passenger compartment and things will definitely start to warp. I’ve even had PLA prints warp in my trunk before, so I’ve concluded that PLA is just for inside things that are away from heat.

The melting point of plastic, the glass temperature, and a dozen other specs on each material are really a mystery unless each manufacturer publishes an MSDS sheet on their exact formulation. It’ll even vary by pigment.


Yep, I’ve had PLA prints warp in the car. “Melting point” doesn’t mean that it’s solid or strong up to that point.

I think a print, silicon mold, and cast into the final part with some type of resin is in order :slightly_smiling:


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