Strange Flux Studio behaviour in Win10


Since I started using my printer after the hardware fix (which is not related to my software problem), I am noticing a strange issue with FS v0.9.1 and also with FS v.1.0. I cannot save my Expert Presets anymore, it shows as saved but when recalled, it shows the default preset. Also I can’t find where my Presets are saved. I am not sure if the latest Windows 10 updates -in the last 7 months- changed anything to prevent saving and recalling Presets. One more thing, I use One Drive, and I read somewhere that some apps don’t work properly with One Drive active, as it saves user files differently (as far as I can understand, my Win10 knowledge is very limited). Anybody has any issues with One Drive and Flux Studio app?

I have not noticed any Preset ‘save-recall’ problem in Mac OS X, High Sierra, it works OK.

@Jim, do you know how to fix this Win-10, FS save Preset issue?


Windows 10 is very helpful for studio because In this, they can access best type of picture quality and it work very fast. sometimes, In this occur some error code 0x80071a90 and it will not work properly then I go to the technical support to solve the problem.


Copy / paste your expert settings inside Windows notepad and check if there isn’t duplicate lines inside.

As lines are alphabetically order, the simplest way to do it is to scroll until you reach z_offset line (you should have 271 lines with default settings).

If you see there is other lines after this one, which begin with “a” they are duplicates, you have to :

  1. Click Reset Config in Flux Studio
  2. Update each value you want, line by line, in Flux Studio and click Apply

If you copy / paste the value from a text editor to Flux Studio, it seems to always create duplicate lines after the one you pasted. And thus, the next time you edit the first lines, changes are ignored because of the duplicate lines at the bottom which remains with the old values.

I don’t know if it’s a new bug but it has happens to me several times last months.

  • Yes, I also noticed some duplicate lines with Copy/Paste.

  • I just played with Expert setting in OS X High Sierra and realized Presets have the same behaviour as in Windows10, when I try to save new Presets, the save/recall does not work and seems settings don’t update.

  • My present solution to the problem is to save the changed Expert text, in whole, to a text file then make changes, if any, and Paste it back to the Expert window. As it is, since I can do Preset changes externally to FS and bring them in with Copy/Paste I am satisfied, but not happy!

@proclaim, Preset save/recall seems to be broken in FS v091 and v100, for both Win10 and Mac OSX platforms. If you are still involved with Flux Studio development, you may have some idea or suggestion maybe?