Store and Cloud


Is ANYONE getting the cloud and store to work? I can’t see my machines in the flux cloud and I can’t get into the store. There is no new topic about these things.


I can confirm the store was down for about a week, I noticed it was back up yesterday but then went back down (and is down at the moment). Cloud / App (on Android) also down at the moment.


It was back up as of the morning.


Same situation, i just think I’m going to try all the advises I’m going to find here, just to find a solution.
Anyway,I’m really thankful for your answers, especially because of your forum i forget about all my health problems and i spend less time searching for ambien , which is really important for me, trust me!


Store and Cloud appear to be up for me right now (cloud was intermittent last night/this morning) during a print and store came up…sometime between last night and now for me.

I did need to hit the refresh button in the app to get the printer to come up properly.