Stops extruding part way through printing


My printer does not complete a print run now.
It gets about 10% of the job printed then stops feeding the filament. This has happened on the last four print runs.
I’ve reloaded the filament and even changed to a new reel but it’s just the same.
I have an error code but can’t see how to attach it to this message.


If it’s in the clipboard, you can just paste it in. Or you can just drag and drop the picture into the the text editing area. Or the seventh icon along on the toolbar. Whichever one works for you. :wink:

If it is a error where the printer is saying filament not detected, the filament detection switch could be worn down and it’s time to either disable the filament detection, or replace or build up the switch again.



Thanks pfeerick, I have just reloaded the filament and tried a short test print, 6m39s, and it managed 99% then stopped. I think I heard a click at the top of the printer but can’t be sure, had Supertramp going a bit loud?
Once again the error was “out of filament”, which is not the case.

Next question, where is the detector? and where can I get the instructions for repair or to replace the blighter.
As you may guess I’m not a 3D printer geek, I just want it to work so I can get on with the important stuff.

I’ve tried copying the bug report but it seems it has too many characters?


The bug report probably wouldn’t have helped much, if error is the ‘out of filament’ one… this is a sure sign the filament detection switch is playing up. But for future reference, you can use pastebin sites like… um… pastebin or ubuntu pastebin to share length reams to text :wink:

Have a look at some of the other forum posts on this issue for pictures/videos/instructions. But in a nutshell, if you want to repair the filament detector switch (located in the top of the printer), you’d have to take the screws out of the top shell, lift it up, unplug the wire, and have a look at the switch which is in the top part you unplugged.


Hi Peter,

Well I found the disable option in preferences and I have completed two test runs without a problem so now I’ve started a 7h run so lets see how it goes before I can say the problem has been bypassed.
Thanks for the info in anticipation of success.
I don’t fancy ripping the printer apart to try and repair the detector so if it all works then I will leave as is.
Cheers mate, J.