Still in business?


I have sent in a support ticket last week but haven’t heard anything back. Not even a “Have you read the FAQ?”

And now there’s spam on the forum.

Makes me wonder if Flux is still in business. I guess they must be because the software has been updated recently but I’m really missing being able to print and use the vinyl cutter because the autolevel doesn’t work.


I hope they are all super busy with the beambox roll out this month. I backed that on kickstarter too.


I have also noticed that a lot of parts are out of stock in the store. I was going to stock up on some of the consumables.


I’ve noticed over the last year and a half the fastest way to get things back in stock in the store to mention they are out of stock on the forums…you might want to try now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It looks like a bunch is back in stock.


Well, in my case it took about 2 months before support replied to my request and solved my problem today. I think they are very busy and/or have reduced help.


Anyone been able to get communication from FLUX in the last month? I tried calling as well but the line was busy the whole time.


I have tried to communicate with them for an additional part I need and nothing. It is frustrating to support something that doesn’t provide you with support. About to part this thing out and get something else.


It seems to me they have been overwhelmed with the Beambox roll out. My Beambox finally arrived this morning. I am still working on setting it up.