Special filaments you've used?

I know some people out there have been trying some filaments that aren’t just pure PLA, like metal or wood PLA. What types of filaments have you tried (links appreciated) and what have been your results (both good and bad)?

Right now, I’m most curious about the wood/metal filaments, but I looking to explore some different things as well.

Here’s my list:

ABS and PLA, of course.
Glow in the dark varieties of both.
Carbon Fiber infused PLA (protopasta)
Taulman Bridge
Taulman T-Glase
NinjaFlex Semi-Flex
Carbon Fiber infused Nylon (3DX Tech)
Fiberglass infused PETG (3DX Tech)

On the FLUX, I haven’t done anything that wasn’t the spool of PLA that came with it, so nothing exciting to report on that front.

I should have clarified - *used with the Flux

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I’m curious about this too. However, I’ve read some discouraging articles and forums about the abrasive nature of additive type filaments like glow-in-the-dark and carbon fiber or metal-fill. I hear they tear up your nozzle over time, leading to a wider bore or just jams. Until we have a reliable source of spare parts or manufacturer approval for maintenance like this, I will stick with regular old PLA.


I tried a flexible PLA but just wouldn’t extrude even at the highest temps. Any tricks?

Flexible filaments usually run into trouble at the extruder. The filament path needs to be completely supported immediately after the drive gear or else it will kink and bind before going down the Bowden tube. If flexible filament won’t feed on your printer, it’s doubtful that slicer settings can help.